Magic Eyes

Look me in the eyes,

And tell me what you see;

Do they reflect my love for you?

Are they a window to my soul?


Because when I look into yours,

I see the whole Universe,

Sparkles, and stars, and many wishes

Ready to come true.


As If…

Love me as if it’s the first time you love someone,

Love me as if night and day have combined

And we only have one second

For us in this eternity.
Do all of these, because I will as well

Love you as if there’s no heaven or hell

And you’re both my sin and my eden,

I will love you as if there’s only us

In the Universe, and there’s no oxygen left.
I will breathe love from your lips

And I will give you my last breath

Of air.

I’ll rush life in your veins and in my despair

I will shout “I love you.”

Rebecca Radd Signature

The Light

I am not reckless

As you seem to think,

I’m just willing to jump from the cliff

And dive into the ocean called life,

Trying to fade into the sparkles of the Universe

And become the light which saves

People from the darkness

In the depths of their souls,

The darkness which threatens

To make them hide into the shadows.

Rebecca Radd Signature