Be Daring — Write about What You Don’t Know!

You know how everyone tells you to write about what you know?

That’s a big fat lie that, if you have believed till now, you must erase from your system.

I’ve read many articles lately that suggest writers write about what they “know best,” as it is safer that way.

Well, if that’s what you think, I’m not judging you. In fact, I believed it, too. But now, I’ve come to a different conclusion: be daring! Dare to write about things you don’t know perfectly, or which you didn’t experience personally; write about things that might disturb the others, write harsh truths and soft apologies.

Writing has a life of its own — only be experimenting and trying one can learn something.

I think that, as a writer, one cannot evolve unless he attempts to write about problems that he cares about, although he wasn’t the subject of it.

I find the statement ridiculous now because only by trying to understand and write about a subject you don’t know well you can evolve. During my writing process, it happened several times that I wanted to insert paragraphs about things I didn’t know, but my character should have known. It’s alright — some research did the job. Indeed, it takes some time; it’s not like I click on the first link I see available and that’s it, but in the end, it was worth the struggle (not to mention I knew something new, too).

That brings me to my second point: every writer wants to have interesting characters, which are different from his previous works. At some point, you’ll want to write about a nurse, an accountant, a producer or a cinema star. I doubt you know indeed how their lives would look like (unless you know so many typologies of people that it’s not a problem for you to find out, in which case, would you mind giving me a call and let me know how you met all of them? Haha.), but it doesn’t have to stop you from writing them in a realistic manner.

Research. Research. Research.

Let’s make it clear: I don’t say that writing about what you know best is wrong; but if you write only about what you know, it might become boring for both you and the reader. Improvement comes from challenges, not from the comfort zone.

It’s hard, and I know it. But if you wish to be a good, life-time writer, it’s an insignificant obstacle and nothing more.

Be daring!

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The First Time I Ate Sushi

Hello! How’s your week going? I hope you have an awesome January, which will set this year on the right track for you. In case it sucks, well… heads up, buddy! It’s only a month. 31 days.

You can survive.

Today’s post is — you can already say, don’t you? — about the first time I’ve ever eaten sushi. If you read THIS post right here, you already know I’ve started learning Japanese. I think that when one starts a new language, he should also dive into the history and culture of the people. It only seems fair.
I adore Japan for so many reasons, and I devour books about its culture and history. It’s something I am very passionate about, so it’s kind of hard to explain why. Coming back to the subject of this post, I’d like to tell you about my first experience eating sushi. I am not an avid fish eater, and I actually couldn’t stand the smell of it until I was 13 years old. You can understand my reluctance when it came to sushi, can’t you?
However, I am the kind of person who likes trying new things, and I’ve told myself “Ok, Rebecca, that’s it. You have to try it!” Fortunately, a friend of my is a frequent eater, and he promised to take me out to eat sushi because he knew this place where “it tastes absolutely delicious, so there’s no way you won’t like it.” From personal experience I know that’s imperative to go somewhere the food is good when trying something different, so I went for it.

My first reaction when I got there?

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Poetry Challenge

Hello, guys! How are you, this week? I hope everything goes well.

I don’t think today’s post will be very long. It’s more of an announcement and an encouragement.
I’ve recently discovered two amazing accounts on Instagram (@breath_words_ and @aseawords) on which one can find poetry challenges. The given words are quite interesting to compose with, and the community is very warm and supportive.
I like to try new things, although you might know it by now, and I’ve told myself I’d start January forcefully. So, I entered the #JanuaryFalls challenge, which consists of writing a (few) lines using a different word each day. I think it’s great! And quite hard, may I add. I’m not used to having limitations in my writing, but I loved that the challenge made me think outside the box.
I’d love for you to try it. It’s never too late to go beyond your limits. And there’s clearly specified that you can write even one line. You can do it, can’t you?
I would also be delighted if you checked out what I’ve written so far. Just look on the right and you will find my Instagram page, and click on any of the latest pictures — and let me know what you think. There’s nothing better than the moment when someone tells me how they feel about my writing and what it awakens in them.

One thing is for sure, I will participate in other challenges in the future.

Six-Word Stories #1

“You are fat.” She committed suicide. 

I feel like it doesn’t need any further explanation, but I want to say (as I find it very sad) that more and more people commit suicide because they have the impression they are ugly, imperfect and can’t reach a certain beauty standard the society has imposed. It’s our duty to stop it! Only by being open-minded and less judgemental, will the society change. We are beautiful in our own way and nobody should even consider ending his life because an outside pressure like this.

It’s not like a flat stomach and thin thighs could guarantee happiness in life.

And let’s make it clear – I swear I do not judge skinny person also. It’s just as wrong. I’ve just given an example, and the most cases of bullying I know are towards persons that are heavier.

We should learn to accept ourselves as we are and as long as we don’t have any medical problems, it’s alright.

I’ve recently discovered this form of expressing oneself which I find very interesting. I thought I should give it a try. Let me know what you think.