We’ve been together

Through the ice,

Through the fire;

And since then I spent

Every day thanking God

For giving me what I had

Truly desired –

A soul to complete mine.


Create Your Soul

I lost my soul,

You’ve stolen it;

Now I’m empty

And there’s nothing

I can do about it.

I feel like a shell

Without its precious pearl,

Destined not to know

How it feels to be full.

You’ve left me incomplete —

Why did you do that to me?

You had no soul, I knew it,

But why didn’t you

Politely ask for mine?

For I would’ve given you

My love to create your soul.


Broken Souls and Twisted Beliefs

“Why, Maya? You know he’s not right for you!”

Said girl clenched her small fists. Her usually soft features were now hardened with determination. She had so many reasons for her choice of accepting Daniel’s company. Her brunette friend could simply not understand. Maya didn’t judge her, though; she had expected the other girl to be unable to grasp the depth of her relationship with Daniel.

“I’m not right for him either.”

“My point. You shouldn’t be together. It’s craziness, Maya. He’s rough and emotionally unstable. Not to add that he’s the type who likes solitude. You two wouldn’t resist for too long. You’re too bright!”

Maya smiled bitterly. Oh, how wrong her friend was! In truth, she was a coward. She despised the crowds, yet was so afraid of being alone with her thoughts that she obsessively looked for the places where silence and peace were foreign notions. She was talkative, but it was a façade which she had carefully build over the years. She and Daniel were more alike than anyone would’ve guessed.

“You’re exaggerating, as usual.”


“Just, trust me on this one.”

“I… I do. But I want to understand. Why?  Why would you do something so reckless? If you fall for him, not even too hard, he’ll destroy you. Maya, his hands had never been good at something else. He ruins everything he touches. He’ll ruin you.”

Maya laughed humourlessly. “It’s too late for that, don’t you think?”

The brunette bit her lip, wondering how to proceed further. She didn’t want to remind Maya of her past experiences with men. It would’ve been a cruelty.

“He’s not half as bad as he lets you think,” the blonde said while massaging her temples. She was having a headache. “And even if he were,” she took a deep breath, prepared for the consequences of the bomb she was about to drop, “I think we sometimes need someone just as broken as us to heal ourselves.”