Hold Me



A collection of 29 poems about love, with its joys and sufferings. Read them in one sitting and you might notice a story unfolding. Read them one by one and savour them.

Below, you have the table of contents.

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Magic Eyes

Look me in the eyes,

And tell me what you see;

Do they reflect my love for you?

Are they a window to my soul?


Because when I look into yours,

I see the whole Universe,

Sparkles, and stars, and many wishes

Ready to come true.


Day 19. #30daybloggingchallenge

Discuss your first love.

Ah! This is a tough one. My love life has always been a mess – I laugh saying it although it isn’t a laughing matter.

I find the “first love” subject a particularly hard one to discuss because it’s subjective – as in, my first relationship wasn’t my first love (I know, crazy right?). Then again, I am only 19, I am still wondering if I really knew love or it was just an illusion or a childish wish. Looking back on this side of my life, I do differentiate between when I was in love and when I thought I was.

My first love… hm… I was fourteen at the time. It wasn’t the type of love I would give now – but I’ve changed a lot since then – and still, I feel like it was love. Not only for that particular moment in time; yes, we sometimes think we love someone, but it’s only the moment and as soon as it passes we wake up to reality and realise it was only a wish, an urge, a “what we need” then.

It was an innocent type of love.

Yes, I know it’s hard to believe if we look around at how some teenager act. But it was innocent in every sense – holding hands, going out, talking long walks, kissing. I’ve had my first real kiss with “my first love.” Haha. I remember being so nervous, and wondering how it would feel like, and if I can do something wrong.

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Day 6. #30daybloggingchallenge

Five ways to win my heart.

Okay. This was something I didn’t think would interest my readers. (Unless you want to date me, which is fine, but let’s get to know each other a little bit. Haha.) This post is interesting though. I don’t think any of us think thoroughly about the topic – what someone has to do to win our heart. Sometimes we “click” and other times we don’t.  Personality plays a huge role.

I am a writer, but love matters kick my ass just as much as it kicks yours – or maybe you’re a pro, and then, Doctor Love, help me out a little bit when writing? I will try to keep this post short and sweet; firstly, because I don’t feel like explaining my reasoning, and secondly because even if I tried to explain why these are ways to win my heart, it would barely be a weak attempt. I am more of a “moment person.”

Falling in love, loving someone, there is never one certain way to make it happen.

Takes a deep breath.

1.Read. Know. Be curious. Laugh!

I think intelligence is sexy and irresistible. I love surrounding myself with a person with whom I can make both dirty jokes or have meaningful conversations. Also, I am an optimist; I am a happy and cheerful person; that’s why I tend to look for that in the other persons. Relating to someone makes it easier to create bonds.

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Separated Souls At Birth

Love me

Freely, recklessly, totally,

As I am.

I know I’m not perfect

And I don’t want to lie to you:

Life won’t be easy with me around.

But let me tell you a secret,

Oh, dear you,

I think I am the half that

Went missing at your birth,

The one your soul needed to feel

As a whole.

Rebecca Radd Signature

Fire and Rain

Outside is raining,

But I’m burning inside;

You’ve started a fever

And then went on hiding behind

The walls you yourself have built.

I feel betrayed by your cowardice,

Disgusted by your choice,

But God and Satan help me,

You’re the one who can give me voice

And stop me from bursting in a

Devastating fire.

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This Love

Loving you never felt easy,

It is painful, hard, and harmful,

Cause I feel my heart bleeding

Every time you’re not around.

I highly doubt that this dependence

Could be called “the heavens way,”

But if I must admit:

I never wished for the easy way.

After all, life is too short

To hide in the shadow of “okay.”

With you, though,

With I’ve had good and bad

At the same time,

And although hard,

Believe me, as I am speaking from my heart,

I wouldn’t change this for the world,

I wouldn’t change the love we have.

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