Fire and Rain

Outside is raining,

But I’m burning inside;

You’ve started a fever

And then went on hiding behind

The walls you yourself have built.

I feel betrayed by your cowardice,

Disgusted by your choice,

But God and Satan help me,

You’re the one who can give me voice

And stop me from bursting in a

Devastating fire.

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This Love

Loving you never felt easy,

It is painful, hard, and harmful,

Cause I feel my heart bleeding

Every time you’re not around.

I highly doubt that this dependence

Could be called “the heavens way,”

But if I must admit:

I never wished for the easy way.

After all, life is too short

To hide in the shadow of “okay.”

With you, though,

With I’ve had good and bad

At the same time,

And although hard,

Believe me, as I am speaking from my heart,

I wouldn’t change this for the world,

I wouldn’t change the love we have.

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Six-Word Stories #3

He kept trying to fix me.

I was thinking about the relationships nowadays and how it isn’t about accepting one another anymore. Couples consider it normal to try to change, to “fix” each other. It’s ridiculous since we aren’t broken in the first place. It’s nothing wrong with me, so why would you want to change and fix me?

It’s not alright to be part in this sort of relation, at least that’s my opinion.

What do you think?