Hold Me




A collection of 29 poems about love, with its joys and sufferings. Read them in one sitting and you might notice a story going on. Read them one by one and savour them.

Below, you have the table of contents.

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Magic Eyes

Look me in the eyes,

And tell me what you see;

Do they reflect my love for you?

Are they a window to my soul?


Because when I look into yours,

I see the whole Universe,

Sparkles, and stars, and many wishes

Ready to come true.


Create Your Soul

I lost my soul,

You’ve stolen it;

Now I’m empty

And there’s nothing

I can do about it.

I feel like a shell

Without its precious pearl,

Destined not to know

How it feels to be full.

You’ve left me incomplete —

Why did you do that to me?

You had no soul, I knew it,

But why didn’t you

Politely ask for mine?

For I would’ve given you

My love to create your soul.



I thought I needed a more interesting life,

So I sought out danger and I found you;

But you were an overdose of the medicine I needed —

You threatened my sanity.

Every time you got closer to me,

I felt like melting on the floor

Because you were too intense for me to resist.

When your lips were on my neck, feeling the pulse underneath,

I felt the adrenaline running through my veins,

Screaming to be unleashed — a passion so strong that

It could exterminate me.