Sky and Earth

Falling from the sky,

I arrived on Earth,

And here I got deep roots

And now when Death

Has come for me

And it is time to say “Goodbye,”

I stubbornly cling onto Earth

And refuse to go back

Where I truly belong.

Wild Thing

There’s something wild

Inside of each of us,

Some kind of demon

Caged in a cell of skin,

And it tries to get free,

To get the worst of us

Show its face and rip us open,

Making our soul bleed.

Rebecca Radd Signature


I wish I could catch up with you

But the faster I run, the faster you go.


What’s happening, baby?

Why wouldn’t you wait for me?


My life was a mess, but you still

Threw me into chaos.


Don’t you care? Can’t you see?

I thought you said we’re meant to be…


All this time- it was a lie!

So deceiving that my heart might die…


We had history

But you didn’t care;

If only life had been fair.

I still miss you, at times,

I foolishly loved you

And now I must pay the price.

Although, the lesson has been harsh,

I do know now that-

For not falling apart-

To be present can be considered

Much more than important.


When I was little,

I thought I’d have no regrets;

How foolish was my younger self!

Although, I must admit,

There’s only one thing I’d change-

I’m sorry for letting you in,

I’m sorry for giving you power,

I’m sorry for accepting your moods-

If past was to come back round

I would not keep you around.

I’d smash the door and leave you out

And enjoy life as I always should have.

Ghost of the Past

It’s dark outside,

And I should not be here,

But it clears my mind,

And it helps me get past my fear.


Your ghost haunts me

Like a merciless criminal,

It has a sadistic smile,

And tries to keep me near.


On the top of the cliff,

I feel invincible;

But the depths call me

And the ocean is here.


I think about jumping,

I doubt for a second,

In the heat of the moment,

I give into the atonement.