Consuming Love


I didn’t fall in love with you,

Oh, how I wish it had all been true,

Instead, I jumped in the depths of the ocean

Not afraid of losing my oxygen.


Because my air belonged to you –

My soul, and my love, they did too –

Besides, not even the dark

Could have kept us apart.


You were my light in obscure places,

My spark of hope in difficult tenses;

The moon and sun you were at times,

The pure inspiration materialized.


The loss of you shattered me,

It broke my soul and brought misery.

My muse now gone I can’t ignite,

Although being a matchstick is what I like.

Haunting Demons


It hurts so badly –

I want to cry,

I want to scream,

And I want to shout.


Yet, my cheeks are clean,

My eyes are dry –

I can’t find the power to cry

Much as I might I try.


There’s chaos in my head –

All is a mess.

I wish I knew how to kill

The demons in my veins.



Pic, pic, pic;

The water is falling,

The clouds are grieving –

A storm is about to start.


Here I am staying

Near the window,

Hoping to catch

A glimpse in the dark.


The ghosts are waiting,

Just outside the window;

But I am not

Afraid of the unknown.

A mischievous smile,

A dull pair of eyes,

A monstrous face

Appears in the night.


The lighting strikes

And my mouth dries;

Still, I take praise

For keeping my stance.


But you’re aware of me

And of my anxiety,

Perhaps that’s why

You come and hug me.


Your threatening warmth

Showers me,

And your arms seem

More like a cage;


But I’ve never felt

Safer in my life,

Nor will I ever

Feel this way.


The monster starts

Laughing in low, dark tone;

I flutter my eyes –

I hope he will be gone.


You come even closer,

And I can’t help smiling

When I feel your breath

Down on my neck.


“It will soon be over,”

You tell me;

But I am still wondering

“Would it be?”

A thunderclap echoes

In the silent room;

Everything feels different

But I don’t know thanks to whom.


The monster is no longer

In front of me;

The sun is about

To wake up.


I raise my eyes


Maybe there really is

Such a thing as divinity.

Living Without You

I thought I would never

get past you;

it couldn’t have been

less true.

While lying in my bed

I realized

that you were the devil

in disguise.

The milky skin,

the charming smile,

nothing but just

a planned façade.

I’m wondering now…

what was in my head?

– because I wanted to give you

all that I had.

It is my first attempt at writing poetry; however, I recently had a revelation and I felt like writing it. Let me know what you think. If you are a “pro” at poetry, give me your advice.

I am always looking up for methods of improving myself.