Who Said Good People Are Always Happy?

Selflessness is quite

An admirable quality

Which we put on a pedestal

To look at it.


Seeking it in others

When we’re sick to the core

And our mind

Couldn’t conceive possessing it.


The gesture of grand love

Bringing also a lot of pain

In the souls of poor

Humans whose happiness means making the others happy.

Consuming Love


I didn’t fall in love with you,

Oh, how I wish it had all been true,

Instead, I jumped in the depths of the ocean

Not afraid of losing my oxygen.


Because my air belonged to you –

My soul, and my love, they did too –

Besides, not even the dark

Could have kept us apart.


You were my light in obscure places,

My spark of hope in difficult tenses;

The moon and sun you were at times,

The pure inspiration materialized.


The loss of you shattered me,

It broke my soul and brought misery.

My muse now gone I can’t ignite,

Although being a matchstick is what I like.