Day 21. #30daybloggingchallenge

What three lessons do you want your children to learn from you?

Hello, guys! Today’s post challenge was an interesting one if you ask me – because there are so many lessons I would like to pass on to my children. Choosing three most important ones for me was difficult. I was not expecting it to be this hard. Before you continue reading my article, please take a few moments and think about the question and what your answer would be (if you feel like sharing, I would love to hear your opinion).

Without further ado…

1.Speak up their mind

By no means, being humble and respectful is important, but so is speaking up your mind. Miscommunication or the lack of it leads to a lot of problems. Not speaking up their mind makes people have frustrations and not being able to make decisions for them, always following one’s lead.

If one thinks something is wrong, he should say it. If he has another opinion, he should say it. It took me a while to figure this out. I consider myself to have been partially shy if that’s even possible – haha – and I wish I realised sooner the importance of not holding back. I agree, one has to be polite at the same time, though the other’s attitude influences how we act and react.

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Nature and Humans

Molière is one of the most well-known authors around the world. As any great writer, he had spread many words of wisdom, which helped people overcome certain situations and enlightened them. Not only do I find myself in his sayings, but they have also helped me change my perspective about life.

His statement “The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.” is one of my favourites. Drawing a parallel between life and nature, Molière catches the essence of what it means to live wisely, and not to push yourself too hard only to catch up with the others.

I consider the whole phrase to be a beautiful metaphor for what it needs to be done if one desires to enjoy life and achieve his potential. The tree is used as a symbol for humans – who are also rooted in this life and society, and whose way of thinking cannot change overnight – and it can be easily understood that one’s growth must not be rushed. In my opinion, it is, and has always been, the biggest problem people confront with – whether the community forces the person to grow up or it is his own momentarily wish.

People need time to develop harmoniously and each person is different. By learning gradually and taking his time, one is sure to possess a way better education than the majority. Progress, even though slow, is still progress and it shouldn’t be taken as anything less. Hence, no one ought to be judged by his “slow” growth, but by his “fruit” – namely his actions, his achievement, and his motivations in life.

Furthermore, it has been acknowledged the longer it takes a flower to bloom, the more pleasant is it to look at and the nicer the scent.

Things that come with patience are worth the waiting. Life consists of lots of small steps and since we live only once, there’s no need of rushing towards its end. Maturity is delightful only when you reach it at your pace, not when you’re thrown into it.

5 Weird Things Writers Do

Now, everyone is different, and these things that I’m about to list below might not apply to you. However, I’ve noticed that most writers have these features in common. It’s funny because I consider that any groups of artists – painters, musicians, sculptors – have their own “weird” habits.

I don’t think you’d have a solid reason, but I’m going to proceed by saying that I do not intend to offend anyone.

That being said, let’s start!

  1. They don’t know how to relax

A regular person works for eight hours a day, and that’s it. A writer’s job never ends, by choice. They will think about their plot while they’re dining, note a reply while talking to you, and find inspiration in a person. Writers usually don’t know how to relax – mentally speaking. There’s something bugging them constantly and the urge to write in order to clear their mind is unbearable – still, they end by engaging into another project in no time.

  1. They would mercilessly refuse you

Writers are compassionate, and they would go out once in a while. However, their natural habitat is the home. Nothing compares to its comfort. If you ask them out and they haven’t seen you in a long time, they will accept. But if it isn’t a one-time occasion, be sure you’ll be mercilessly refused. According to the grade of friendship that’s between you, the writer will either say he has other plans or that he’d much rather stay inside and read or write.

  1. They are unconventional

Writers are unconventional people. I love, for example, to wear strange coloured lipsticks – black, blue, dark plump. Every writer has his signature, his boots, his crazy hair colours, or his accessories. They are creative people so it’s normal for them to be out of the pattern. In addition to this, they’d interrupt you in the middle of the conversation, pull off a notebook and note an idea that struck their mind. Normal people will wait for the afterwards or do it discreetly, but writers know that good ideas are not to be neglected.


  1. They ask nicely their computer to do something

A sane person would probably not talk to his/her computer. Still, I find myself in this situation often. Whether it is because my laptop is about to crash and I plead that he works until I hit save or my Internet is about to disconnect and I speak as if the laptop could do anything to prevent this from happening. Once in a while, I would politely as it to prepare me something to it only to be able to finish what I’m writing. Despite my nice behaviour, it would never do as I tell him. I love him, though – yep, my laptop is a male.

  1. They are overly protective of their characters

Artists are protective of their work. It’s normal and no one questions that. Yet, writers take it to a new level. Did you just criticise their character, their baby? You’d better be prepared to be told why you are not right. For them, the characters are not only that, they are human and their children. Would anyone let his/her children be talked inappropriately? Writers are so caught in their story’s world that, at times, they forget people have different opinions.

That was my list of things which could be weird simply because they are unusual for a “normal” person. Though, I think that we should define our own reality. By my rules, I am perfectly fine.

Do you do any of these things?

Is Education More Important than Material Possessions?

Nowadays, people are all about material possessions. Their only goal in life is to have as many proprieties as they can, and as much money as they can. Education fell on the second plan, and it’s not considered a requirement any longer. Many persons aren’t interested in educating themselves or educating others anymore. Unfortunately, they think that if they have money it will all be alright – because that’s what society taught us.

But they are wrong, and so is the society. And since we are the ones who constitute a part of the society, we are just as guilty for not taking a position.

I can’t disagree, material possessions are important, too. A home, the need to provide food, clothes, they have been always essentials. If you want to home material things, you have to work hard, to be responsible, and to think in the future. But what people should understand is that material things are not the most important parts of their lives.

They should also think about the spiritual part. They should educate themselves to be more profound, more intelligent, and to have a better perspective about life. Because education is indeed important. The more educated you are, the more you know. Knowledge is the strong foundation for achieving your dreams. It’s also important not only for the individual’s development but for the society’s. What if nobody had been preoccupied about knowledge? Would have people progressed?

I think the answer is clear – no; probably never.

People like to run away from their problems, but this time, we have to face the truth. Even for having money and proprieties, you should be educated. It’s normality. Firstly, you should know how to manage all the material possessions you have. What’s the point in having money if you can’t keep it or enjoy it properly? Of if you don’t know how to make more of it? Because you need money if you want to buy something. But for making money, you should have an entrepreneurial thinking. And for that, you have to be educated. Some might have a native gift, but unless they sharpen their skills, it’s all in vain.

Let’s suppose that you already have those material possessions. It doesn’t matter how. It means that you are rich – rich people like sumptuous things. Should you be an educated person to understand the beauty of art? That’s what is expected from you, after all. If you have the possibilities to travel around the world, you should understand its beauty. And you should be capable of appreciating it at its true value.

In consequence, education is more important than material possessions and it’s thanks to education we are able to get any material comfort.

If you have money but no education, you aren’t wealthy at all.