Fire and Rain

Outside is raining,

But I’m burning inside;

You’ve started a fever

And then went on hiding behind

The walls you yourself have built.

I feel betrayed by your cowardice,

Disgusted by your choice,

But God and Satan help me,

You’re the one who can give me voice

And stop me from bursting in a

Devastating fire.

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This Love

Loving you never felt easy,

It is painful, hard, and harmful,

Cause I feel my heart bleeding

Every time you’re not around.

I highly doubt that this dependence

Could be called “the heavens way,”

But if I must admit:

I never wished for the easy way.

After all, life is too short

To hide in the shadow of “okay.”

With you, though,

With I’ve had good and bad

At the same time,

And although hard,

Believe me, as I am speaking from my heart,

I wouldn’t change this for the world,

I wouldn’t change the love we have.

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As If…

Love me as if it’s the first time you love someone,

Love me as if night and day have combined

And we only have one second

For us in this eternity.
Do all of these, because I will as well

Love you as if there’s no heaven or hell

And you’re both my sin and my eden,

I will love you as if there’s only us

In the Universe, and there’s no oxygen left.
I will breathe love from your lips

And I will give you my last breath

Of air.

I’ll rush life in your veins and in my despair

I will shout “I love you.”

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Love and Sparkles

Look inside,

Beneath the skin,

Look for It

Deep within

Because there’s a sparkle

You shouldn’t miss

That would enlighten

Your abyss.

Look for the glitter,

Look for the light,

Look for the whole Universe you hold inside

The chest of your soul.

You’re the creation of God,

So as you go on Earth

Stop looking outside for those

Who might get you out of misery –

Start believing in the god-like power

You were gifted at birth;

That power is love.

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Fried Brains and Love

You say that loving me is hard,

But instead of wooing me,

How about you start to seek

In the depths of my heart

The reasons I want to be loved for.
Do you think that loving you is easy

When all you want from me

Is to keep my passion in check,

To restrain my urges,

And to tame the wildness in my head?
What’s up with you?

Why are you afraid?

Why won’t you set loose and

Let love burn you from the bottom of your heart

To the top of your head?
Love doesn’t fry brains,

It only makes them well-prepared.

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Too Late

You pull me closer,

You say I am kind,

I’d say the same,

But you know I can’t lie.


You are the devil;

We can’t be together,

Yet I’m still in your arms

Falling for your charms.


You can’t soothe the pain,

But you can set me aflame;

If only I had realised,

You were going under disguise.

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