Magic Eyes

Look me in the eyes,

And tell me what you see;

Do they reflect my love for you?

Are they a window to my soul?


Because when I look into yours,

I see the whole Universe,

Sparkles, and stars, and many wishes

Ready to come true.


The Yin & Yang of Feelings



A collection of 20 poems on love and hatred – for those who suffer, for those who’ve been disappointed, for those who love with passion, for those who try to find a reason to keep going, for those who need to be reminded of how strong they are. This is for you.

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Day 19. #30daybloggingchallenge

Discuss your first love.

Ah! This is a tough one. My love life has always been a mess – I laugh saying it although it isn’t a laughing matter.

I find the “first love” subject a particularly hard one to discuss because it’s subjective – as in, my first relationship wasn’t my first love (I know, crazy right?). Then again, I am only 19, I am still wondering if I really knew love or it was just an illusion or a childish wish. Looking back on this side of my life, I do differentiate between when I was in love and when I thought I was.

My first love… hm… I was fourteen at the time. It wasn’t the type of love I would give now – but I’ve changed a lot since then – and still, I feel like it was love. Not only for that particular moment in time; yes, we sometimes think we love someone, but it’s only the moment and as soon as it passes we wake up to reality and realise it was only a wish, an urge, a “what we need” then.

It was an innocent type of love.

Yes, I know it’s hard to believe if we look around at how some teenager act. But it was innocent in every sense – holding hands, going out, talking long walks, kissing. I’ve had my first real kiss with “my first love.” Haha. I remember being so nervous, and wondering how it would feel like, and if I can do something wrong.

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Day 6. #30daybloggingchallenge

Five ways to win my heart.

Okay. This was something I didn’t think would interest my readers. (Unless you want to date me, which is fine, but let’s get to know each other a little bit. Haha.) This post is interesting though. I don’t think any of us think thoroughly about the topic – what someone has to do to win our heart. Sometimes we “click” and other times we don’t.  Personality plays a huge role.

I am a writer, but love matters kick my ass just as much as it kicks yours – or maybe you’re a pro, and then, Doctor Love, help me out a little bit when writing? I will try to keep this post short and sweet; firstly, because I don’t feel like explaining my reasoning, and secondly because even if I tried to explain why these are ways to win my heart, it would barely be a weak attempt. I am more of a “moment person.”

Falling in love, loving someone, there is never one certain way to make it happen.

Takes a deep breath.

1.Read. Know. Be curious. Laugh!

I think intelligence is sexy and irresistible. I love surrounding myself with a person with whom I can make both dirty jokes or have meaningful conversations. Also, I am an optimist; I am a happy and cheerful person; that’s why I tend to look for that in the other persons. Relating to someone makes it easier to create bonds.

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I thought I needed a more interesting life,

So I sought out danger and I found you;

But you were an overdose of the medicine I needed —

You threatened my sanity.

Every time you got closer to me,

I felt like melting on the floor

Because you were too intense for me to resist.

When your lips were on my neck, feeling the pulse underneath,

I felt the adrenaline running through my veins,

Screaming to be unleashed — a passion so strong that

It could exterminate me.

Separated Souls At Birth

Love me

Freely, recklessly, totally,

As I am.

I know I’m not perfect

And I don’t want to lie to you:

Life won’t be easy with me around.

But let me tell you a secret,

Oh, dear you,

I think I am the half that

Went missing at your birth,

The one your soul needed to feel

As a whole.

Rebecca Radd Signature