I thought I needed a more interesting life,

So I sought out danger and I found you;

But you were an overdose of the medicine I needed β€”

You threatened my sanity.

Every time you got closer to me,

I felt like melting on the floor

Because you were too intense for me to resist.

When your lips were on my neck, feeling the pulse underneath,

I felt the adrenaline running through my veins,

Screaming to be unleashed β€” a passion so strong that

It could exterminate me.


Future Legend

I tell you about my dreams

And you mock me, mock them,

Tell me I’m a mere believer

And that the world is full of them;

But listen closely, hear me out,

I’m the legend you’ll hear about;

I’m a doer, I’m The Man,

I’m the one you pretend to understand.

You call my dreams foolish,

I think they might be,

But it’s the people like me

Who change the world that you see.

Rebecca Radd Signature



Break the chain of this world, fly far away

If you wish to live another day.

Dare to speak up your mind,

Pin words on display

If you don’t choose the easy way.

Live the life that you want

Not the one that you may

If you don’t want to fade away.

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Love and Sparkles

Look inside,

Beneath the skin,

Look for It

Deep within

Because there’s a sparkle

You shouldn’t miss

That would enlighten

Your abyss.

Look for the glitter,

Look for the light,

Look for the whole Universe you hold inside

The chest of your soul.

You’re the creation of God,

So as you go on Earth

Stop looking outside for those

Who might get you out of misery –

Start believing in the god-like power

You were gifted at birth;

That power is love.

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Memento Mori

Look at me with open eyes,

Unrestrained, wild, loving, and free;
Look at me like there’s no tomorrow,

As the future is uncertain and scary.
Look at me like you live in the present,

Aware that once the moment passes it never comes back;
Look at me like I’m a note,

Reminding you that you only live once.