Mondays Can Be Fun!

Oh! I’ve been dying to write this post all week. Unfortunately, due to some school projects, I didn’t have the necessary time to actually sit down and write a post. But I finally do!

I am still so excited that it’s hard to find my words – which is not flattering for a writer, you know?

As you could have already guessed, my post is somehow related to a Monday day. We always hear people complaining about how awful the beginning of the week might be, especially after a relaxing weekend, but it wasn’t my case!

Thanks to my lovely friend, Diana (thanks again, darling), I got to see The Hollywood Vampires!

Wait. What?!

Yes; no joke, guys.

I adore Johnny Depp, but I had no idea he had been part of a band. (Did you know that at first he wanted to be a singer?). My friend knew about how much I appreciated him as an actor and how tremendous it would have been for me to see him in person and offered to get me an invitation. I was like “Let me document myself a little bit,” because there was no way I was going to the concert of a band I didn’t appreciate just for the sake of seeing one person.

After listening to several songs, I called my friend and accepted her offer.

And I didn’t regret.


Damn, they are really good. The concert was great! I was also impressed with Joe Perry’s and Alice Cooper’s performance. Johnny appeared kind of sad to me, but it is understandable as his mother had passed away in May and he’s getting a divorce.

They mostly do covers, and if you like rock music, you should definitely give them a try. As far as I know, they are on a tour in order to promote their album in Europe and have decided to start it in Romania – which is well-known for Dracula story, or Vlad Tepes legends, and let’s not forget the famous Bran castle. If you have the opportunity to go to their concert, don’t hesitate. You won’t be disappointed.

What can I say more? I hope your week had been as awesome as mine.

Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.

– Johnny Depp