Hidden Scars and Gold Lines


A collection of 50 poems for those who wear their scars with pride; poems about beauty, love, disappointment, life, and inner strength.


Day 5. #30daybloggingchallenge

List five places you want to visit.

Oh! This is a hard one! I love travelling. If possible, I wish I went all around the world. To see different cultures, learn about traditions and history, try the food, take pictures, meet people, and make friends – it’s something about that.

It’s hard because I don’t know how to pick the places. I will try my best. (Note that the order is random. I wish to visit these places equally.)

1.Japan (preferably Tokyo or Osaka)

I think this doesn’t surprise anymore since you know I am learning Japanese and I am interested in the culture of this country. I want to go there when there are festivals. Also, visit temples. Get a full experience.

2.Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)

I entered college, and I am going to learn Portuguese. I already visited Portugal (and yes, I know that the Portuguese spoken in Brazil and Portugal differ). Every country/city has its dark side, but Brazil seems to be a cheerful and colourful city. Since I am a grand optimist and love colours… You see where I am going. Haha.

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Kawaii Box Is HERE!

Hello, guys! Do you know that moment when you’re trembling with delight because you finally receive a package you longed for? (Heh, no, of course, it’s “not” a particular situation.)

If you’re new to the blog, you might not know that I started learning Japanese and that I love the culture of this country – by the way, I don’t mean only the Anime and the cute stuff, although I indulge in these as well.

Interacting with a culture as much as possible is imperative when learning a new language. Firstly, because it makes the expectations more realistic; secondly, because it keeps you motivated to learn; thirdly, it’s a treat for yourself, like a high five with your brain, saying “Well done, buddy!”

A month ago I ordered two boxes – Japan Candy Box (which offered ten hand-picked sweets; I will review them soon) and Kawaii Box (which provided ten objects, but you wouldn’t know what they were until you received the box). Some people might be reluctant to order something they that comes such a surprise. I was too. However, I eventually said “Damn it! I want that effin’ box.”

I’m glad that I went for it.

I’m still trembling with delight as I’m writing this review. Imagine that as soon as I opened it and saw each object I simply sat down in front of the computer, not letting interrupt me, and started writing this. When something gives me the urge to write, now, that’s what I call something good.

You’re not here for my rambling, though (and if you are, well, I’d love to meet you in person and give you a hug for your patience and awesomeness)

Moving on to the actual review.

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Grand Festa HARU URARA

Hello! How are you, guys?

I know this post may come late at night (it’s 9 p.m. here as I’m writing it; posted at 11 p.m.), but I have a good reason for posting at such a time on a Saturday.

I’ve spent my day in a delightful way, by taking a long walk, sipping on a good cup of coffee and treating myself with sweets. However, it gets even better! For the first time ever, I’ve been to the Japan Days celebrated here in Romania (unfortunately, I found out about the event at its end). Still, I managed to go to a great “concert.”

I’ve only reached home and seated down to write this article.

Now, let’s start talking about what you are interested.

I think that when one starts to learn a new language, interacting with the culture, art, and history of that country is just as important. The language is widely influenced by these things. That’s why, when I have the chance to go to a festival, a concert, or a speaking session, I do what I can to get there. I try to see missing it as “Not an option.”

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