God of Storm

I was cold,

So I let you in,

Hoping you’d

Warm me up,

And set my heart

On fire.

But you were thunder

And you announced

The lightening.

You were the god

Of storm.


… and I was caught in its eye.


Day 6. #30daybloggingchallenge

Five ways to win my heart.

Okay. This was something I didn’t think would interest my readers. (Unless you want to date me, which is fine, but let’s get to know each other a little bit. Haha.) This post is interesting though. I don’t think any of us think thoroughly about the topic – what someone has to do to win our heart. Sometimes we “click” and other times we don’t.  Personality plays a huge role.

I am a writer, but love matters kick my ass just as much as it kicks yours – or maybe you’re a pro, and then, Doctor Love, help me out a little bit when writing? I will try to keep this post short and sweet; firstly, because I don’t feel like explaining my reasoning, and secondly because even if I tried to explain why these are ways to win my heart, it would barely be a weak attempt. I am more of a “moment person.”

Falling in love, loving someone, there is never one certain way to make it happen.

Takes a deep breath.

1.Read. Know. Be curious. Laugh!

I think intelligence is sexy and irresistible. I love surrounding myself with a person with whom I can make both dirty jokes or have meaningful conversations. Also, I am an optimist; I am a happy and cheerful person; that’s why I tend to look for that in the other persons. Relating to someone makes it easier to create bonds.

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