The Yin & Yang of Feelings



A collection of 20 poems on love and hatred – for those who suffer, for those who’ve been disappointed, for those who love with passion, for those who try to find a reason to keep going, for those who need to be reminded of how strong they are. This is for you.

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Times Have Changed

This melody keeps repeating in my head

And just can’t get rid of it,

It’s your voice telling

“I love you.”


I’d give anything to hear those words again

But times have changed,

And so have I; now I hear

“I despise you.”

Rebecca Radd Signature

Love Can Conquer Evil


To begin with, a common problem of the society is that it doesn’t realise, that now, in the era of technology, people aren’t machines – nor will they ever be. There’s nothing wrong with it, and nobody should wish things had been otherwise.

The difference between robots and humans is that the latter have feelings – which drive them in life. Sentiments make one react in a certain way in different situations. However, thanks to our uniqueness, we would not proceed any further in the same manner. But just as everything is life has a balance – a yin and yang part –, not all the feelings are bright and well-disposed.

Hatred, malice, and envy are another face of the coin. They represent the dark within us, the materialisation of our inner demons. The line between good and bad is so thin one may cross it without even realising. A person is not necessarily evil if he does experience anything from what’s stated above. It is very important that we should be aware that these negative feelings may make one person want to harm others – both at a mental and physical level. Damage comes in many forms.

Trying to understand those persons helps us to evolve as humans and not to turn into cold-hearted beings. Nobody is born evil. Life teaches us how to behave and some take the wrong lesson. Some are frustrated or cannot empathise with the others. They should be helped, not judged. Unless we show compassion, how could they change for the better? Being hypocrite does not help anyone.

Needless to say, when somebody is mad with rage, it’s very hard to touch his heart using rational words.

Nevertheless, there is one thing that can conquer the evil we all carry inside. The only feeling that can rival fury is love – pure and unconditional. Love is one of the greatest forces in the world because it relies on positive thinking and way of behaving. Furthermore, it’s based on spiritual power which cannot be defeated. At least not so easily.

The past has shown us that the violence had never been the solution. Thus, we should try to find another path to follow. The nonviolence might be the key to world’s peace. People become bad because of the lack of love and acknowledgement. Words may not reach to them, but the feelings we show certainly do.

In conclusion, if we want to follow this road and make the world a better place to live in, for us and the future generations, we should all make an oath – to strive for loving the others even if we might find it hard at times. Love doesn’t mean accepting everything – it involves slightly guidance in life, moral support, trust, and sincerity. Love is not hard, we make it so.

Love is about being present.


At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love.

– Martin Luther King, Jr.