Life knocked me out

So many times that

Some might ask

“Why do you still try?”

But on this battlefield,


Which is the Earth,

I have the spirit

As my protector,

And my dreams as shields,


I am a tough opponent.

Six-Word Stories #4

I will always be a fighter.

In life, people can either choose to accept what fate gives them or fight and take what they want. Both are hard to live choices, in my opinion. Is not easier to be content with what you are given when you crave for more, but don’t have the courage to stand up. Just as it isn’t easy to fight when you’re at your worst, when you feel like giving up – when there appears to not be any chance for you.

However, I’d much rather die fighting than slip into self-sufficiency. I’m not talking about not being grateful for what you have, but about striving to get more, about knowing you can and you worth more. People don’t fight for their dreams, nowadays, which is very sad. It’s like dying spiritually before dying physically.

We should always work for more – not from a material point of view, but for knowledge, spirituality, dreams, love. There are so many things out there. Opportunities will never knock to one’s door. You have to find their house, and sometimes push the door open.

This phrase describes me perfectly. No matter how hard the times might become, count on me to keep smiling and fighting at the same time, to have hope and to never cease pursuing my goals.

What would describe you?