Did I Really Miss You?

I missed you,

But I’ve realised after a while,

That it was not you that I missed,

But the feelings you ignited inside of me –

Passion, love, and peace;

However, when you left,

There was war within me,

And chaos was my crown,

You made me go mad in the head,

And numb in the heart.

Rebecca Radd Signature


Thick Walls

I see your mouth moving

But I don’t hear your screaming

I guess it’s because the wall I was building

It’s finally thickening.


Your pupils dilated,

Your words full of venom,

I’m no longer the girl

You can just step on.


So gesticulate and scream all you want;

We can start a war if just for the fun.

I’m fucking pissed off,

So you’d better beware!