Six-Word Stories #6

“Your life does matter,” she said.

Hey, guys! Today I want to speak briefly about two very sensible subjects which are closely connected. The few lines I’m about to drop won’t cover a quart of what must be said, but I will say it nevertheless.

To act is important despite the grandeur of it, right?

I want to talk about bullying and suicide. Bullying is no foreign notion for many generations, and various people encountered it whether because of their flaws or their talents. In this era where one can simply sit in front of a computer and threw nasty things here and there, cyber bullying has truly become a problem.

I’ve seen thousands of comments on videos or posts from human beings that encouraged a person to “kill yourself”, “go die already”, “you’re such an ugly/fat/anorexic etc. person”. These cowards who try to insufflate self-doubted into the others hid under a laptop. Unfortunately, their victims don’t seem to take into account that they’re judged by faceless men, by some people who don’t have right to say anything without knowing the life their living, the characters they are – although, don’t get me wrong, not even then would be bullying okay.

I’ve heard of many – too many – cases of people committing suicide due to cyber bullying or bullying in general. I’m sick when I think we dare to call ourselves above animal if we do this to those of our own kind. I cannot stress it enough. People end their life, which is this wonderful gift that had been given to us, because of bullying! Who knows, maybe one of them would’ve changed the world. And even if they wouldn’t have, it doesn’t mean their lives are any less important.

I feel like it’s our duty to take action and to report these persons when we see them bullying someone, to tell the offended ones that their life does matter. It’s the least we could do, to talk to them, to inspire confidence once more, to encourage them to keep working on their passions! We are all vexed, but no one wants to take responsibility.

Well, let me tell you what: It’s not alright. Today, it is a stranger, but next day it could be your friend or someone from your family. Why should you be enraged when it happens to someone close to you, but don’t do something when it’s about a stranger? We are all humans. If anything, Terra links all of us together. We like it or not, we are in this together.

If any of you reading this post had been bullied and had yet overcome that helplessness, understand that you are not alone, and your enemies are mere people who try to drag you down from your path to greatness. It’s easier to criticise than to create, easier to comment than to help. Don’t let them get to you. You are the one that gives them power.

It’s your mind! It’s your body! It’s your creation!

Own them! Embrace them! Love them!

And never, and I mean never, let anyone say your life’s worth nothing.

Haiku #1

Like a flower

In the wind, you flutter

Making me wonder…

Ok. I’ve always admired people who write haiku poetry – don’t ask me why because I don’t actually have an answer. I thought I’d just try it. Who knows maybe I’ll even get better at it?

If you have any tips, I’d love to read them!