August 30-Day Blogging Challenge

Hello, guys! How did you spend the month of July?

It was very busy for me. I had to pass certain exams at the end of June and in the middle of July, and that was why I had skipped posting on some days. As we may say: life happened.

However, everything turned out fine, and now I am enjoying the vacation, sipping on cocktails, taking long walks, reading books I didn’t get to read, as well as writing and blogging.

Because of this prolonged and unexpected pause, I thought I owed you one, so this is my payback: 30 days of blogging. Outside the regular posts I usually make, I want you to get to know me better, and this is exactly what these 30 days will do.

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Poetry Challenge

Hello, guys! How are you, this week? I hope everything goes well.

I don’t think today’s post will be very long. It’s more of an announcement and an encouragement.
I’ve recently discovered two amazing accounts on Instagram (@breath_words_ and @aseawords) on which one can find poetry challenges. The given words are quite interesting to compose with, and the community is very warm and supportive.
I like to try new things, although you might know it by now, and I’ve told myself I’d start January forcefully. So, I entered the #JanuaryFalls challenge, which consists of writing a (few) lines using a different word each day. I think it’s great! And quite hard, may I add. I’m not used to having limitations in my writing, but I loved that the challenge made me think outside the box.
I’d love for you to try it. It’s never too late to go beyond your limits. And there’s clearly specified that you can write even one line. You can do it, can’t you?
I would also be delighted if you checked out what I’ve written so far. Just look on the right and you will find my Instagram page, and click on any of the latest pictures — and let me know what you think. There’s nothing better than the moment when someone tells me how they feel about my writing and what it awakens in them.

One thing is for sure, I will participate in other challenges in the future.