Grand Festa HARU URARA

Hello! How are you, guys?

I know this post may come late at night (it’s 9 p.m. here as I’m writing it; posted at 11 p.m.), but I have a good reason for posting at such a time on a Saturday.

I’ve spent my day in a delightful way, by taking a long walk, sipping on a good cup of coffee and treating myself with sweets. However, it gets even better! For the first time ever, I’ve been to the Japan Days celebrated here in Romania (unfortunately, I found out about the event at its end). Still, I managed to go to a great “concert.”

I’ve only reached home and seated down to write this article.

Now, let’s start talking about what you are interested.

I think that when one starts to learn a new language, interacting with the culture, art, and history of that country is just as important. The language is widely influenced by these things. That’s why, when I have the chance to go to a festival, a concert, or a speaking session, I do what I can to get there. I try to see missing it as “Not an option.”

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How to Cope with Mean Comments

I promised you this post and here it is. Let me know what you do when you encounter this type of comments.

  1. Understand that they don’t define the quality of your writing

I think we all agree that feedback is very important. For writers, it’s almost vital. However, the feedback will tell you how to improve yourself whereas mean comments won’t. You should not let anyone tell you’re not worth something.

  1. Understand that art is subjective

Some individuals have a more aggressive way of expressing their opinions. They might not like your piece of work, but it’s alright. Art is subjective and the simple fact that yours didn’t let them indifferent is important.

You don’t like whatever you see or read, so don’t be a hypocrite and expect others to do it. Once you don’t have such expectations, your perspective on your writing career will change drastically.

  1. Don’t read them

If you are the type of person who gets angry or hurt easily, simply stop reading those comments or reviews. Usually, you can see whether or not the comment is going to be mean. If it starts inappropriately or gets so, stop. You don’t have to read the reviews of the people who didn’t put enough effort in trying to point out the problems in a polite way.

Reading them won’t do you any good.

Mistakes Debutant Writers Make

  • They rush to finish the novel

I was not one of those people, happily for me. But I’ve read about many who had this problem. The main idea is that the writer should take his time to make the novel as good as it can be. Writing every day is important, but sometimes the lack of inspiration just kicks in. Don’t be depressed. Guess what? It happens to all of us. I refuse to believe that there is a person out there who has never had writer’s block.

Usually, when one’s in a hurry, he tends to be superficial. I’ve missed some important explanations in my debuting novel and I didn’t even hurry a bit.

  • They don’t take enough time revising

Revision is very important. It improves the book by creating better characters, setting the plotline, and correcting possible typing errors. Now, for the last part, let me tell you that there will be some errors. I’ve had plenty and swear I revised it twice and had two others persons checking it. I am not a machine and I do not read on letters (that’s how you detect typos).

Revising is like retouching a masterpiece. You work at it till you are more than content with the result. Be sure that in the future, after you’ve accumulated more experience you are convinced you could rewrite it way better. But the point is for you to make progress and to give your best at the moment!

  • They spent too much time thinking about what others may say

I personally had few moments like this when I would think “Wouldn’t they it is inappropriate for a teenager writer to describe it?” or “Maybe some will consider it too violent…” because you see, being a writer is hard enough already when it comes to criticism, but I was a teenager so the pressure was even higher. I’ve read hundreds of book, I knew how to describe things that I hadn’t done or been part of. But the question regarding how the society would look on it was in my head.

That’s why I advise you to not think about it. Criticism will come anyway. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 15 or 50; write what you want without being ashamed of it. It’s your art! It’s your thoughts! It’s your way of expressing things!

To overcome the last one, I leave you a beautifully written phrase which captures the process of writing.

Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.

– Cyril Connolly

Six-Word Stories #1

“You are fat.” She committed suicide. 

I feel like it doesn’t need any further explanation, but I want to say (as I find it very sad) that more and more people commit suicide because they have the impression they are ugly, imperfect and can’t reach a certain beauty standard the society has imposed. It’s our duty to stop it! Only by being open-minded and less judgemental, will the society change. We are beautiful in our own way and nobody should even consider ending his life because an outside pressure like this.

It’s not like a flat stomach and thin thighs could guarantee happiness in life.

And let’s make it clear – I swear I do not judge skinny person also. It’s just as wrong. I’ve just given an example, and the most cases of bullying I know are towards persons that are heavier.

We should learn to accept ourselves as we are and as long as we don’t have any medical problems, it’s alright.

I’ve recently discovered this form of expressing oneself which I find very interesting. I thought I should give it a try. Let me know what you think. 


Art has many forms and shapes,

And not all of them are full of grace;

How sad and mad you make me feel

When you just state “It isn’t real”.


What could touch more upon your soul

Than the raw thoughts of a haunted soul?

What could make you empathise

More than a story shared through lines?


I must, however, admit it –

It’s hard to see the underneath.

It’s way easier to pretend

That pain and sorrow know an end.