False Promises

When will you understand

That life doesn’t make promises –

It only gives you hope

So as to taste the heaven,

And after that it lets you

In the miserable reality.


Gods and Mortals

Pleading Kronos for another chance

To make things right,

Asking Zeus for a thunderstorm

To either wash my thoughts or kill my regrets,

Begging Hades to show some mercy

To a lost soul in the wrong place…


… but gods don’t change Order for a mere mortal.


Wings and Weights

Lost on a blue expansion

With no land nearby;

However, I’m not in rush to anywhere,

Taking in the landscape

Building skyscrapers with my mind,

Growing wings of hope to reach their tops.


Anchors on my ankles,

Weighting me down to the deep,

Losing air,

A dark, calm surface seen from the underneath;

Closing my eyes, I embraced the core of existence,

And dived into the very consciousness.


30-Day Writing Prompts

Hello there!

Since you’re here, I suppose you’re in need of some inspiration. Or maybe you just want a challenge. Or you just stumbled upon this page and are curious how odd and crazy the prompts I came up with can be. Regardless of the motive, I’m happy you’re here.

If you’re a writer though, I congratulate you on taking action to stop procrastinating or getting out of your comfort zone. I’ve come to realise that sometimes when we feel like writing (maybe for a project we’ve already engaged in) but don’t actually know what to write, writing prompts are a great way of making the wheels in our head spin. And that’s wonderful, we don’t want “the muscle of creativity” to stop training. Truth is that you get better at writing just by writing. If you’d like to read more about my opinion on writing prompts efficacy, I suggest you read THIS post.

I hope you’ll enjoy this list of 30 writing prompts and that it will inspire you to write. Do drop a link in the comment directing me to your work if you use any of them, I’d love to read it. Also, you could use the hashtag #rebeccaraddwritingprompts (this way, more people who used any of the prompts could find you).


Midday Crime Colourless Green Linguistic Skills
Glitter Storm Legendary Flower Rewriting History
Bloody Kiss Counting Disasters The Book of Truth
Heavenly Hell Mystic Love Powerless Queen
Closing Distance The Secret King Thoughtful Idiot
Purple Skies Accidental Tattoo Pool of Wine
Criminal by Accident Fallen Angel Tired Insomniac
Almost Love Half of Heart Sour Desert
Unforgettable Perfume Not Really Engaged Kissing the Ground
Nirvana Tears Black Lips and Red Shoes Pineapple Goddess