Chapter 3. Eating Made Fun

“Explain yourselves,” Cherry lashed out.

The fairies looked at her as if they didn’t know what it was all about – which was a lie. They weren’t stupid in the least. Their behaviour was understandable to a degree, but not excusable. She internally agreed that perhaps she could have had a meaner approach, had she been in their place. But that was beside the point. The Queen’s orders were the Queen’s orders. They weren’t to be discussed, and under no circumstances should they be broken. The Queen was not as harsh as her predecessors. However, just as the Queens before, she did not permit betrayal in any form; otherwise, their society would have been ruled by anarchy. Ely hated when she had to punish the fairies, but it was unavoidable – especially since the Golden Fairies insisted that this was the way the Kingdom should be ruled.

Cherry furrowed her brows. She could empathise, but this was one of those times when she had to put duty before personal feelings. She was not content with the situation either; as she had accepted this task, she would do her best, at least – thought, who would have dared not to take a mission from the Queen, aside from her disciple. It should have been the same for the other as well. Why get involved in something you wouldn’t strive for perfection? It would be a waste of both time and energy. And the latter was vital for the survival of the fairies.

“You should’ve taken better care of him. Why didn’t you?!”

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Chapter 2. Fairy Meets Pitiful Demon Patient


Cherry inhaled the fresh air. She closed her eyes and listened to the rustling leaves. Here, in the middle of the forest, among trees and with the earthy smell floating around, she felt in her element. Although fairies lived in minimalistic houses – and those were built thanks to what nature provided – it was a different feeling than this one. Now, the experience seemed more… authentic.

Her flying came to a halt. She touched tenderly the soil and energy prickled under her skin. Her lips curled up. If the demons had known the true origins of their powers, perhaps they would have won. Fortunately, they didn’t know that it was their tattoos which fuelled their energy. Fairies were naturally prone to having more energy than any other magic creature. After their wings had developed, they underwent a series of tests to see what their element was. They would eventually realise, as a particular element would have a strong pull on them; the tests eased and quickened the process.

Cherry caressed the green tattoo on her tight. It represented a leaf. Earth. As soon as a fairy was aware of the element, one would have it imprinted on the skin. It was the bond between the fairy and that element.

“Tch,” she lifted her eyes towards the sun. She wished she could sit down and take a nap. A frustrated part of her wanted to punch someone to death. A certain demon.

Calm yourself. You can’t go there like this. I bet that demon wants you to lose control.

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