History Has a Way of Repeating Itself

Many people don’t understand the importance of the past and how it can be used to predict the future. Few persons, who were perceptive enough, have realised that history has a way of repeating itself, whether we talk about wars, fashion, or music, which makes essential for humans. Gaining knowledge from the past mistakes can determine our ultimate fate.

Throughout the time, the major issues of humanity have always been the same – the socio-cultural differences, the thirst for power, and the political boundaries. If the causes of the wars had been truly understood, the Second World War might not have taken place and there wouldn’t be the prospect of a Third one, too.  The causes didn’t change, and neither did our approach – which failed to solve the former problems. History keeps repeating itself, but we seem not to learn anything from it.

Even inevitable catastrophes repeat themselves. It’s true that they cannot be avoided, but understanding their cycle and the ability to foresee them leads to us preparing better to face them. Earthquakes are dangerous, but solid building structures can save many lives, and so can a strict routine in case of Tsunamis.

The past doesn’t come round only in destructive matters, though. A close inspection of nowadays’ fashion gives us clues about how the eighties and the nineties looked like. The designers don’t try to reinvent the wheel – they rather try to create something new from what had been there before. The colourful clothes, the variety of materials, the minimalist styles and the oversized accessories are all portals to the past.

In conclusion, we can say that history has a way of repeating itself because like everything else, life is also a cycle. Knowing and understanding it are two different matters. On top of all, people should strive not to repeat its mistakes.


Is Education More Important than Material Possessions?

Nowadays, people are all about material possessions. Their only goal in life is to have as many proprieties as they can, and as much money as they can. Education fell on the second plan, and it’s not considered a requirement any longer. Many persons aren’t interested in educating themselves or educating others anymore. Unfortunately, they think that if they have money it will all be alright – because that’s what society taught us.

But they are wrong, and so is the society. And since we are the ones who constitute a part of the society, we are just as guilty for not taking a position.

I can’t disagree, material possessions are important, too. A home, the need to provide food, clothes, they have been always essentials. If you want to home material things, you have to work hard, to be responsible, and to think in the future. But what people should understand is that material things are not the most important parts of their lives.

They should also think about the spiritual part. They should educate themselves to be more profound, more intelligent, and to have a better perspective about life. Because education is indeed important. The more educated you are, the more you know. Knowledge is the strong foundation for achieving your dreams. It’s also important not only for the individual’s development but for the society’s. What if nobody had been preoccupied about knowledge? Would have people progressed?

I think the answer is clear – no; probably never.

People like to run away from their problems, but this time, we have to face the truth. Even for having money and proprieties, you should be educated. It’s normality. Firstly, you should know how to manage all the material possessions you have. What’s the point in having money if you can’t keep it or enjoy it properly? Of if you don’t know how to make more of it? Because you need money if you want to buy something. But for making money, you should have an entrepreneurial thinking. And for that, you have to be educated. Some might have a native gift, but unless they sharpen their skills, it’s all in vain.

Let’s suppose that you already have those material possessions. It doesn’t matter how. It means that you are rich – rich people like sumptuous things. Should you be an educated person to understand the beauty of art? That’s what is expected from you, after all. If you have the possibilities to travel around the world, you should understand its beauty. And you should be capable of appreciating it at its true value.

In consequence, education is more important than material possessions and it’s thanks to education we are able to get any material comfort.

If you have money but no education, you aren’t wealthy at all.

Happiness Is a Collective Work

From ancient times, people have been in a continuous search for happiness, whether it consists of love, money, power or safety. They have rushed towards it with all their might, because the man is fundamentally built up with a spiritual need for happiness – which is, however, very subjective. Even so, it has been generally linked to the interaction among people, and it isn’t strange at all considering that humans live in communities.

Everyone tries to figure out the secret for a genuinely happy life, but unfortunately, nobody has found it out yet. On the one hand, there are some directions, some suggestions, but nothing that can be universally used – it’s not necessarily a bad thing; in that manner, each person has his own unique journey. At least that’s what people have believed for a very long time. But the writer George Orwell has put forward the following theory „Happiness can only exist in acceptance”. I totally agree with it. At the first glance, the quote seems trivial, but if we try to catch its essence, it has a harsh truth hidden in it. Happiness comes in many forms, nonetheless, at a certain point, there are some conditions that have to be reached.

We, as humans, are very judgemental in regards to anything. We know what we ought to do, and how it feels to be judged, but we don’t change out behaviour when it comes to other persons. That’s the saddest part, in my opinion. The sentence that Orwell has written has a very important word; it is only. He makes it clear that there is no other way for living a happy life, but with the help of acceptance.

Only when we learn to love and accept the other as he is, and vice versa, will we be able to achieve happiness. Until then, even if we think we experience happiness, it is just an illusion. When I say acceptance, I think about understanding, helping, tolerating – briefly, accepting the other with all his imperfections. Moreover, I think that when people will be able to see the difference as the particularity of somebody, that’s the moment when we will be mature enough to experience the pure happiness, the one that feeds human’s spirit. For example, if we bring somebody’s shortcoming to light, we shouldn’t care less about that person.

In conclusion, true happiness, felt from the entire soul, can only exist in the acceptance of the whole society – not because of it, but through it.

Happiness can only exist in acceptance.

George Orwell

Taking Risks – Men vs. Women

Most people think that men take more risks than women. I think it is highly debatable. We shouldn’t generalise. Taking risks isn’t about one’s genre – at least, not in my opinion. Being either a man or a woman has no relevance. When it comes down to risks, it all depends on the situation. Even more, it is about the character, the mentality and the life that one is living.

A question that must be asked is: about what risks are we talking? There are plenty of them – in love, in a business, in a family, regarding an important decision … and the list could easily go on.

On the one hand, it is generally known that men tend to take more risks in business. Everybody puts it on their bravery. Nonetheless, sometimes it isn’t about the courage. I do believe it is about being practical and having an analytical mind. When one knows how to put in a balance the matters, he had nothing to worry about. Still, it might be caused by the irresponsibility – and I do not refer to men specifically.

Yet, we have to face the truth. Even in the 21st century, the society tends to privilege men. Sometimes, it consists of being taken seriously more often than the opposite genre. Although I have to say it, having self-confidence, a severe posture, and a strong handshake might help them a little, too.That might be an explanation for their reaction when it comes to risks. There are fewer chances to be cheated on.

On the other hand, there are many entrepreneur women out in the world that take risks every day. I think that a woman who has influence and is in a powerful position knows how hard it is to get acknowledged in a world that is still ruled by men – that is why she might be more calculated and prudent when it comes to taking risks. However, this doesn’t make women any less professional or capable.

I really can’t pick one side. I try to be neuter and don’t choose women just because I am part of the category. Being so immature would do no justice to those of my kind. Men and women both take risks, but there are so many variables. There are cases when one’s occupation forces him to take risks every minute or, on the contrary, he may have a very calm and inoffensive life.

Let’s not forget about the people who like to see where the life drives them and in consequence, they take lots of risks. Every time.

It must be mentioned that we take risks one way or another, aware or not. Even not taking a risk is a risk also. By choosing not to assume a risk, one makes a decision. And decisions have unexpected results most of the time.

All in all, both men and women take risks constantly. Making a decision isn’t about the genre. One couldn’t choose a team without being a hypocrite. The more important for you is a thing, the bigger the risk concerning it seems.

Love Is About Looking Into the Same Direction, Not Into Each Other’s Eyes

People’s actions have been driven by emotions since the beginning of the time and love is one of the strongest feelings one can ever experience – especially because it is present at so many levels in one’s life; from the love of the relatives to the tenderness shared with another being, with a person which completes you. However, nowadays, the concept of true love is regarded from a shallow point of view.

Sadly, some consider that love means suffocating the other with affectionate gestures and seek acceptance in their beloved. For these kinds of persons, love is about showing, about reassuring his dear of his perceptions. In the most cases, the problem is the lack of trust and self-confidence. Giving flowers, planning dinners, watching movies… they are all fine, but they don’t mean everything. That kind of love, where one’s always on his tiptoes and tries to impress using exaggerated gestures, it’s like a candle that burns way too fast. The beauty is in the long and steady journey!

True love is about sharing ideals, mutual understanding, trust and unconditional support. It is also about being honest – telling what’s wrong and trying to figure things out together. When two people love each other, they should look into the same direction because they want their future to be linked to one another. A relationship cannot progress unless the lovers stop looking into each other’s eyes in order to focus on building something together. Not only will it help the growth of the relation, but it will also strengthen it.

In time, looking just into each other’s eyes could do more damage because, at a certain moment, one will eventually see the defects his lover has – and they won’t be able to overcome them, as they have no idea how to communicate regarding real problems, the ones that matter to them.

Looking into each other’s eyes is fine just as long as the whole relation doesn’t revolve around this; because true love is about looking the same direction – grabbing the hand of your lover and stepping together on the same path in life.

Love Can Conquer Evil


To begin with, a common problem of the society is that it doesn’t realise, that now, in the era of technology, people aren’t machines – nor will they ever be. There’s nothing wrong with it, and nobody should wish things had been otherwise.

The difference between robots and humans is that the latter have feelings – which drive them in life. Sentiments make one react in a certain way in different situations. However, thanks to our uniqueness, we would not proceed any further in the same manner. But just as everything is life has a balance – a yin and yang part –, not all the feelings are bright and well-disposed.

Hatred, malice, and envy are another face of the coin. They represent the dark within us, the materialisation of our inner demons. The line between good and bad is so thin one may cross it without even realising. A person is not necessarily evil if he does experience anything from what’s stated above. It is very important that we should be aware that these negative feelings may make one person want to harm others – both at a mental and physical level. Damage comes in many forms.

Trying to understand those persons helps us to evolve as humans and not to turn into cold-hearted beings. Nobody is born evil. Life teaches us how to behave and some take the wrong lesson. Some are frustrated or cannot empathise with the others. They should be helped, not judged. Unless we show compassion, how could they change for the better? Being hypocrite does not help anyone.

Needless to say, when somebody is mad with rage, it’s very hard to touch his heart using rational words.

Nevertheless, there is one thing that can conquer the evil we all carry inside. The only feeling that can rival fury is love – pure and unconditional. Love is one of the greatest forces in the world because it relies on positive thinking and way of behaving. Furthermore, it’s based on spiritual power which cannot be defeated. At least not so easily.

The past has shown us that the violence had never been the solution. Thus, we should try to find another path to follow. The nonviolence might be the key to world’s peace. People become bad because of the lack of love and acknowledgement. Words may not reach to them, but the feelings we show certainly do.

In conclusion, if we want to follow this road and make the world a better place to live in, for us and the future generations, we should all make an oath – to strive for loving the others even if we might find it hard at times. Love doesn’t mean accepting everything – it involves slightly guidance in life, moral support, trust, and sincerity. Love is not hard, we make it so.

Love is about being present.


At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love.

– Martin Luther King, Jr.

I Will Never Speak About Perfection Because I Would Never Reach It

I exist. I am human. I…

What is perfection? It is merely a word that describes an unattainable standard imposed by mankind. There is no real meaning behind the word, apart from being the opposite of anything regarding humans.

Today’s generation strives for perfection just as the previous had done. However, do we really understand where this standard is situated? An analytical eye could very easily point out that the `perfection` had changed several times throughout the centuries. We seem oblivious to the fact that the perfection of the present day might be the fault of tomorrow.

I am the definition of imperfection. I…

People are not meant to be perfect. It is a lie. Human’s soul is haunted and their minds so twisted they cannot understand one another from time to time. And it is alright. Not only is perfection boring, but also a drawback – in a paradoxical way. If everybody is perfect, who would they look up to? Humans would stagnate, incapable of finding something higher than them. And if there are just a few who are perfect, what about the rest of people? Would they suffer, eventually, from an inferiority complex knowing they would never reach such a standard?

This standard that everyone is trying obsessively to achieve is, first and foremost, a means of manipulation – merchants, beauty gurus, designers. Self-consciousness is one of the most important problems our society confronts with. In order to be considered beautiful or handsome, one resorts to aesthetical surgeries.

If you ask me, beauty is about being confident and feeling so, not about having others admit it.

I am the child of the Universe.

And why is there so much pressure on exterior perfection? We are much more than a shallow case. We have a soul, a judgement, hopes, and dreams. Our body shouldn’t define us – they shouldn’t be what we are remembered for.

Moreover, why does nobody speak about the spiritual perfection? It is true, only God is capable of such altruism, kindness and love surpassing any human ideal; but, at least it would fill humans with positivity! It would give them a purpose – an unattainable one also. However, it is honorable and such goal should be looked up to.

Perfection can be reached only if we refer to one person. You may seem perfect for your loved one, or you may be perfect for you. But no matter how hard we might try, we would never be universally perfect.

Never will I speak about perfection, but not only because I cannot reach it – also, I don’t deem it worth of my time.

I will never be up to this god-like standard. It is ok. For this life, though, it is enough.