Poza Rebecca Radd

Rebecca Radd is a young Romanian writer. She studies at an economics high school in Bucharest, Romania. Among her favorites subjects are Literature, History, and Psychology. In the future, she would like to attend to Foreign Languages University.

”Destinule, să te vedem ce poți!” (Ad-litteram: ”Destiny, show me what you can do!”) is her debut novel, and she has published 2 novels in her mother tongue so far. Rebecca will soon publish her third one and she is currently working on an English book.

In her spare time, she likes to travel, to read and to do sports.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Rebecca. Now following you with much interest. I hope your writing is going well. I am becoming a full-time writer myself at the age of 64. (Yes, there really is such an age) . All the very best. Kris.


    • Hi. I hope your writing goes well too. Congratulations for listening to your inner voice and having the courage to follow your dreams, especially at an age where many thing there is no future anymore. I applaud you. Sincerely, if you ask me, there is never too late to write as long as you feel like it.


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