Writing Prompts to Boost Your Imagination

Hello, you!

I’m glad to see you around. Since you’re here, I’ll suppose you’re either desperately looking for The Muse or just need a break from you’re routine. Since I’m a writer and I understand how bad the first one is for somebody’s sanity, I hope you’re just curious and that’s why you clicked this link.

I also want to remind you that’s although it’s frustrating, there’s nothing abnormal with feeling stuck or uninspired. Or maybe you’re just bored. It happens to the best of us. You’ll get through this, I am sure.

Well, nevertheless, keep calm! I’m sure at least one prompt form the 30 that I came up with will get you going. Please, share your work in the comments below. I’d love to read your work.

You can also use the tag #rebeccaraddwritingprompts 


Stealing the Crown Peachy Summer False Innocence Fading Bouquet Moon in His/Her Eyes Surrender
Kissing of the Sky Warm Winter Antique Diary Fools’ King Scared of Emotions Bleeding Poetry
Caressing His/Her Mind Dying Leaves Rose Bud Dry Oceans Lost Chance Heartfixing Tears
Out of the Game Wintry Soul Poisoned Tea Love in Veins Dodging Bullets White Horns
Last Name Childish Dying Bird Lost Soul False Reality

Spontaneous Plan


Just in case you feel like this is not enough for you, I suggest you check THIS post. Not to mention I feel like you might enjoy THIS post as well, which talks about the efficacy of writing prompts.


It’s not the fear of writing that blocks people, it’s fear of not writing well; something quite different.

— Scott Berkun


This quote pretty much explains the situation writers go through. Fear of failure, of not being good enough, that can be quite demoralising. I suggest you take a deep breath and remember that you’re not alone. Also, if that’s your situation, THIS post that talks about overcoming your fear of failure might help.

Also, I’d love to read about your experience with writing prompts.


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