Day 6. #30daybloggingchallenge

Five ways to win my heart.

Okay. This was something I didn’t think would interest my readers. (Unless you want to date me, which is fine, but let’s get to know each other a little bit. Haha.) This post is interesting though. I don’t think any of us think thoroughly about the topic – what someone has to do to win our heart. Sometimes we “click” and other times we don’t.  Personality plays a huge role.

I am a writer, but love matters kick my ass just as much as it kicks yours – or maybe you’re a pro, and then, Doctor Love, help me out a little bit when writing? I will try to keep this post short and sweet; firstly, because I don’t feel like explaining my reasoning, and secondly because even if I tried to explain why these are ways to win my heart, it would barely be a weak attempt. I am more of a “moment person.”

Falling in love, loving someone, there is never one certain way to make it happen.

Takes a deep breath.

1.Read. Know. Be curious. Laugh!

I think intelligence is sexy and irresistible. I love surrounding myself with a person with whom I can make both dirty jokes or have meaningful conversations. Also, I am an optimist; I am a happy and cheerful person; that’s why I tend to look for that in the other persons. Relating to someone makes it easier to create bonds.

2.Be passionate!

I am a writer. I love passion. I love my job. I am passionate by nature I guess. I like to see people who are the same. That’s why I try to make them talk about their hobbies or job or favourite show – the sparkle in their eyes, the way they smile, how their voice changes in tonality… Memento mori. We have to live life to its fullest and with our whole heart.

3.Actually date me

So many persons have forgotten how to do a little bit of romance. I know we live in the “sex age”, but I think I might be old-school on this one. I want to go on dates – watch a movie, go out and eat something, buy me flowers, visit new places together. It’s not that I want someone spoiling me, I want to make memories and experience new things. I want to get to know the person and that person to know me.

Why some skip the conversation, and knowing the little things, and having a good long walk together beats me.

4. Don’t be clingy!

I doubt I am the only one here who doesn’t like clingy partners or friends. (If you do, then great! No judging.) Personally, I need freedom of expression and of action. Clingy persons can become controlling, and I associate that with lack of trust. Nothing can be built on that kind of foundation. Furthermore, I am independent – I expect the other to be as well. Which means, we can survive without each other for a little while if that’s the case.

5.Be caring/Try to better yourself & try to make me be a better version of myself

I have a weak spot for people who are morally humans, who show emotion, who care for those around they be they, strangers or acquaintances. I talk about genuine care. Give a helping hand if you can, support your friends, phone your family, share what you can.

We are not perfect. No one is. I don’t dream about reaching perfection – but we can be better. We can always try to improve ourselves. Those who surround us should make us want to be better.

Can you relate to any of that? What would you add to your list?

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