Day 1. #30daybloggingchallenge

List 10 things that make you really happy.

It seems that today we talk about happiness. I think it fits the month of August since it is the less stressful one for me – and I think I am not the only one.

You see, I am an optimistic person. Finding ten things that make me happy should be a piece of cake… well, I actually had to think about the answer for several minutes. It seems I know, but wasn’t sure at first what could be put on this list.

1. Thunderstorms

Ha ha. I think many people hadn’t expected this one. Indeed, the scary thunderstorm that makes some shiver and hide in their beds is something that makes me really happy. I know it is dangerous, don’t get me wrong. But it’s something calming for me to see the lightening, to hear the thunders, the rain pouring heavily; I am always smiling and feel inspired when it’s raining. Many times I fall asleep on that sound.

However, as much as I enjoy it, and sometimes being in the middle of it if it’s safe (so not many times, as you might have already guessed), I don’t like when I have a busy day and it “stands” in my way. Not because it’s bothering, although that is partly true, but because I can’t give into the sensation, into admiring it properly.

2. Long walks

I have a driving license. And I haven’t realised how much I like long walks until a few years ago. I went to London, and it was one of the places I’ve always dreamt of visiting; that means I tried to see as much of it as I could, and I tried to have an authentic experience. So I bought a map and started to wander on the streets. Besides, if you ask me, the taxis were quite expensive – or maybe they tried to fool us since we were tourists and didn’t know which were the longest/shortest routes.

Since then I walk almost daily about ten kilometres. I am more interested in yoga and living in the present, so this pays an important role as well. When I walk, I look around (at nature, at people’s expressions, at the buildings) and I feel what’s around me (the solid ground beneath my feet, the air I inhale in my lungs, the singing of the birds, the warmth of the sun).

It makes me happy. The experience seems each time anew and still refreshing. It charges my batteries.

3. Dancing

Dancing makes anyone happy, I think – whether one watches or practices it. I enjoy both. It’s not the dance itself since sometimes I fool around in lingerie and other times I dance at parties in dresses, it’s the experience. When I dance, everything else shuts down around me. I find myself closing my eyes and feeling the music. Nothing else.

The movements are not controlled, and the mind is clear (or it takes me to a fantastic world).

Dancing is passion, and it brings fire in my veins. It makes me feel alive.

4. Making people smile & Giving hugs

Is it odd in any way that what makes me happy is making others happy? Not in the sense that all I do is to satisfy other people’s expectations. That would be impossible, I know too well. And, in all honesty, I don’t want you to portrait me as a very altruistic person. I am neither selfish nor selfless. I’m just… willing to put others’ wellbeing before mine in some situations.

I love to bring a smile on the faces of those around me, be they, strangers or friends. It makes my heart clench and gets warm. I try to be supportive, to listen to their problems, to offer advice if asked, to help if I can – to be there.

I also love giving tight hugs, though that’s more for the ones I deeply care about. This seems to connect us even more; after hugging them, I am cheerful and stay like this for hours.

5. Reading a good book

I don’t if that’s because I love reading, or because the act of it means I have some free time (Ha ha) or simply because I love to be taken to other worlds and meet new characters, but there’s something about reading an engaging story that makes me happy. Yes, some play with my little heart, tormenting it, some have sad endings, some make me feel empty and incomplete and devastated after I finish them; still, they make me happy. They make me delve into the depths of my soul, into the dark corners of my mind.

It’s challenging and thought-provoking.

6. Nail art & Makeup

This might be surprising for many of you… or maybe not? I am a still a girl/woman after all. Ha ha. I’ve been interested in nail art ever since my mother taught me what french manicure is. Nail art is basically art on a nail using nail polish and different brushes. It’s somewhat like painting. I love art in any form, and this one makes no exception. Doing my nails makes me happy – especially when the result exceeds my expectations.

Same goes for make-up, although things are slightly different there. I love colours. I mean, bold, people-turn-their-heads colours. You name it and I most likely have a lipstick in that nuance – green, emerald, blue, purple, red, black, hot pink; not even talking about finishes, from glossy to metallic, from satin to matte. Wearing something that no many people have the courage to on the street makes me weird and happy.

I am actually working on a beauty blog at the moment, called Tsunami Beauty.

7. Travelling

When I put it on the list, I thought “Well, who does not like travelling? Who wouldn’t be excited at the prospect of visiting new places?” Now that I’m writing this, hmm, not so sure. Does travelling make you happy? I like even the packing part. I like everything about travelling. It doesn’t know if “happy” is the word I’m looking for, more like excited and satisfied with the situation.

Travelling makes me grateful for what I have, for my luck.

8. Drinking & Chatting with friends

Okay, before judging, I am not an alcoholic person or anything of that sort. I just know how to enjoy a glass of wine or champagne and really like to try new cocktails. Not to the point of not being able to stand on my own feet. That’s… Let’s say I don’t find that appropriate for either men or women. But oh oh, it shuts up the inner critic when it comes to writing. And it does not give the illusion of happiness, it really does make me happy.

Even more, nothing beats a glass of wine while having a pleasant conversation with friends. Bonds make me happy, sharing secrets, caring about each other, telling jokes.

9. Cooking

I have a terrible sweet tooth, so I try to refrain from making dessert daily/weekly. Though, I love baking and cooking in general. It’s something that makes me content in tasting, mixing ingredients, and decorating. It’s relaxing and fun. Besides, who doesn’t like to serve their guests with something home-made and see their reactions?

It keeps me busy but in a nice way.

10. Writing

Many people might have expected “writing” to be the first one on this list. Though, I must admit, despite arranging them in this order, all of the things mentioned above make me equally happy.

I chose to mention writing as the last one because although it is my greatest passion, it’s also my job in a way. Huh, I guess my job makes me happy. Am I not a lucky one?

Writing took this place because it makes me happy, it makes me sad, it gets on my nerves, and it’s still joyful. Writing makes me feel so many things at once, not only happiness; I would trade it for nothing else.

Writing makes me feel, it makes me an emotional mess.

What are a few things that make you happy? I’d love to read about it.

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