August 30-Day Blogging Challenge

Hello, guys! How did you spend the month of July?

It was very busy for me. I had to pass certain exams at the end of June and in the middle of July, and that was why I had skipped posting on some days. As we may say: life happened.

However, everything turned out fine, and now I am enjoying the vacation, sipping on cocktails, taking long walks, reading books I didn’t get to read, as well as writing and blogging.

Because of this prolonged and unexpected pause, I thought I owed you one, so this is my payback: 30 days of blogging. Outside the regular posts I usually make, I want you to get to know me better, and this is exactly what these 30 days will do.

I feel like, as an artist (in general, I mean), you have to be honest with the public and show it that you are human – with weaknesses, strengths, preferences, and dislikes. That’s what I am going to do.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it and might even relate to anything I’m writing. After all, writing is about emotion, sharing, and connecting people together.

I’ve taken this list from Pinterest (also, did you know you can find writing prompts HERE and HERE on my Pinterest profile?).

August challenge


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