Kawaii Box Is HERE!

Hello, guys! Do you know that moment when you’re trembling with delight because you finally receive a package you longed for? (Heh, no, of course, it’s “not” a particular situation.)

If you’re new to the blog, you might not know that I started learning Japanese and that I love the culture of this country – by the way, I don’t mean only the Anime and the cute stuff, although I indulge in these as well.

Interacting with a culture as much as possible is imperative when learning a new language. Firstly, because it makes the expectations more realistic; secondly, because it keeps you motivated to learn; thirdly, it’s a treat for yourself, like a high five with your brain, saying “Well done, buddy!”

A month ago I ordered two boxes – Japan Candy Box (which offered ten hand-picked sweets; I will review them soon) and Kawaii Box (which provided ten objects, but you wouldn’t know what they were until you received the box). Some people might be reluctant to order something they that comes such a surprise. I was too. However, I eventually said “Damn it! I want that effin’ box.”

I’m glad that I went for it.

I’m still trembling with delight as I’m writing this review. Imagine that as soon as I opened it and saw each object I simply sat down in front of the computer, not letting interrupt me, and started writing this. When something gives me the urge to write, now, that’s what I call something good.

You’re not here for my rambling, though (and if you are, well, I’d love to meet you in person and give you a hug for your patience and awesomeness)

Moving on to the actual review.

Kawaii Box Review. This month’s box included:


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  1. Kabaya Shaka Shaka Gummy


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Initially, before reading anything, I thought that there was some sort of powder and that I had to add water and… have something afterwards. Well, it was not. It had gummy, jelly-like, tasty fruits (orange, raspberry, pear) and a tiny package (tea-bag size) with powdered yoghurt. You had to add it on the gummy and “shaka shaka.” Haha. But it was very good, and the powder was slightly sour, so it combined perfectly with the fruits.

Also, the taste was strong, considering we’re talking about jelly.

  1. Rainbow Alpacasso Purse


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This is adorable. I dare you to argue with me on that!

I think it looks like a lamb or a llama. But rather lamb who participated in The Color Run. You may laugh if you’re a real otaku, but as English is not my mother tongue, the first thing I did when reading “Alpacasso” was to head on to Google and learn what kind of animal is that (in my language and in general). It turns out this sweetie is a colourful character inspired by alpaca, a plush which was created by Amuse (a Japanese plush maker company).

Side note: Alpaca, also known as Pako, is a relative of Camilla and resembles a llama.

Returning to this Alpacasso – I was so excited when I filmed the opening of the box that I didn’t even realise it was a purse (or a wallet, since it is very small). I must admit that after I had found out, the first scenario that crossed my mind was:

I’m in a store, and I buy something. The cashier asks for the money. I smile and reach in my bag while saying:

“Just a moment to lamb head.”

It should not be funny! I know! Nothing funny in decapitating animals and I don’t promote it whatsoever. But, this scenario is ridiculous in my mind since the poor cashier does not know what I refer to.

  1. Happy Bear Bread Mold


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When I first saw it, I thought it was for moulding rice to look like a bear (what’s it with this month and heads?). The form is for bread moulding. Well, my sandwiches are going to look happier now; that is until I eat them. Still, I think that it can be used for rice, too.

I’m an avid rice eater so I might as well start playing with the plating. We can all agree that a good-looking plate makes the food tastier to some degree.

  1. Blippo Sweet Pocket Mirror


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 I love the green and the pink on this one. I didn’t know what to make out of it until I wanted to take it out. Well, I’m lying. I thought it was a badge. I could’ve read the “Pocket Mirror” in the corner but was too excited to look at it properly. I am a little bit disappointed that it’s open (as in, it’s easy to scratch/break it, because it doesn’t have any protection case), but I can’t deny that if you put it carefully in your bag or pocket, it may come in handy. I love lipsticks and “Lucky Kiss” is perfect for me since there are times I want to check it out but there’s no mirror nearby.

  1. BK Glow-in-the-dark Nail Polish

Nail Polish

I’m found guilty of being obsessed with nail polish and nail art (among other things such as books, lipsticks, chocolate and so on and so forth). I have been searching for a glow in the dark nail polish for ages. These people knew my struggle and decided to give me a helping hand.

As you can see, the nuance is pretty – a combination of pink and violet. I didn’t paint my nails with it yet, but I will use it in the future for sure.

I hope that it works out well. In case it doesn’t, well… let’s just say I have another amazing nail polish.

  1. Blippo Pastel Heart Hair Ties


I’ve kept my hair very short, in a boyish haircut for a long time, but I eventually let it grow a little to a Bob. The hair ties come in handy as I can use them to the current length of my hair. Three colours – light pink, vivid pink, purple – and despite their thin appearance, they are rather resistant. And cute.

  1. Sweet Food Cart Puffy Stickers


I love puffy stickers and I can’t be the only one. Indeed, generally they are associated with young kids, but I think we all have a child’s heart and enjoy these sort of things (my mum loved the gifts as well)

What I like at these stickers, except for the quality, is the variety. Although the obvious theme is food, there are several different stickers: shakes, milk, fruits, cocktails, sweets, soft drinks.

I used a few, and they are sticky and not easy to peel off. I consider it to be an advantage. After all, I don’t use a sticker to have it off the next day, or in a week.

So far, the kiwi, the strawberry, and the cherry are my favourite. I have a soft spot for fruits.

  1. Breakfast Sticky Notes


This surprised me. A lot. If you didn’t open the package, it looked like something soft (a big puffy sticker) or a soft magnet. The toast is, in reality, a multitude of sticky notes. The notes are small, and it’s disadvantageous, but I swear I don’t even feel like writing it.

It could be only me, but when I find something very pretty, I almost don’t want to use it. I’ve got over, but the struggle is real.

I think I might use these on the fridge as reminders or write motivational quotes on them.

  1. Pastel Rainbow Ink Pen


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This is so cool! It’s quite hard to review a pen with so many colours. It looks interesting, and the ink is good – it dries pretty fast, and the colours are as they look. It’s perfect for underlining relevant paragraphs in books, and the fact that it has more colours makes it fun to use.

  1. Pine Sanrio Lollipop


I didn’t taste it. But I am sure it’s good. On the back of the package, it says that it tastes like cherries. Another fruity snack. It must be my lucky day.

Well, that’s all, guys. All in all, I would give this box 10/10. I will be ordering another one in the future for sure and I highly recommend it if you’re into kawaii things. Have a great week!


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