Six-Word Stories #7

Faith is what kept me going.

Let’s talk a little bit about faith, shall we? My job here is not to play the preacher’s part; nothing like that. I’m only a writer, not to mention a mere human, just like you. (Looking at my schedule, you wouldn’t have guessed, though; haha)
I would like to emphasise how important is faith in one’s life. No matter your religious belief (or lack, thereof), I think that everybody needs something to believe in so as to not lose his mind in this life. Whether we’re talking about putting your faith in yourself, in destiny or in divinity, you can’t possibly diminish its role in your life.
I can say that there have been times in my life when the only thing that kept me going was faith. I felt so utterly hollow in those moments, that faith was the only thing which could fill the void in my head and my mind; you see, faith is not only about or the other. It should touch both in a unique way because as much as it has to be felt from within, I believe that faith shouldn’t torment you at a mental level; making you ask some questions is alright, but when your beliefs become the givers of some harsh punishments, I think there’s a problem. Wrongs can be righted only through understanding and love.

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