Reading Challenge

New Year, New You!

Well, at least a Better You. I am here with you, so let’s get through this together, okay?
I thought that we should have a reading challenge. It’s not a new idea out in the market, but I really wanted to make one on this blog.

I want you to go in the comment section below and to say how many books you’d like to read this year. Also, you can do it harder by setting a number of book of a particular genre. That’s up to you, though. Keep in mind that you should aim for at least 12 books, since I think anyone can read one book a month — without trying too hard.

As for me, I’d like to read 40 books, of which 10 to be written by non-contemporary authors and 3 motivational books.

43 books in total — well, I hope I can even go beyond this number, but we’ll see.

Read what you like, read because you can, read with a purpose or read to relax; but READ.

I’m dying to see what’s your goal, and… let’s do this!

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