History Has a Way of Repeating Itself

Many people don’t understand the importance of the past and how it can be used to predict the future. Few persons, who were perceptive enough, have realised that history has a way of repeating itself, whether we talk about wars, fashion, or music, which makes essential for humans. Gaining knowledge from the past mistakes can determine our ultimate fate.

Throughout the time, the major issues of humanity have always been the same – the socio-cultural differences, the thirst for power, and the political boundaries. If the causes of the wars had been truly understood, the Second World War might not have taken place and there wouldn’t be the prospect of a Third one, too.  The causes didn’t change, and neither did our approach – which failed to solve the former problems. History keeps repeating itself, but we seem not to learn anything from it.

Even inevitable catastrophes repeat themselves. It’s true that they cannot be avoided, but understanding their cycle and the ability to foresee them leads to us preparing better to face them. Earthquakes are dangerous, but solid building structures can save many lives, and so can a strict routine in case of Tsunamis.

The past doesn’t come round only in destructive matters, though. A close inspection of nowadays’ fashion gives us clues about how the eighties and the nineties looked like. The designers don’t try to reinvent the wheel – they rather try to create something new from what had been there before. The colourful clothes, the variety of materials, the minimalist styles and the oversized accessories are all portals to the past.

In conclusion, we can say that history has a way of repeating itself because like everything else, life is also a cycle. Knowing and understanding it are two different matters. On top of all, people should strive not to repeat its mistakes.


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