Okay, inhale. Calm down, Rebecca!


Sorry if it didn’t make any sense to you. Cheer up, you weren’t the only one!

I’m in this ecstatic mode because I’ve just observed I got over 1K views on the site! It might not seem like too much for many other bigger blogs, but it is very important for me – especially since I haven’t been in this blogging thing for a long period of time. I spent a good part of my day reading articles on different sites, but to know someone spent his time to read what I wrote… It makes me so happy! It’s a feeling I can hardly describe with words – like my heart flutters while my brain is shut down. Haha.

Thank you!

Thank you so much!

I applaud you for every like, comment or moment spent here on my blog. You make me want to work harder and create better content. I hope I can make your days a little brighter, even if the only reason is that my darkish poetry makes you feel you are not alone; or perhaps you find my day useful!

You are amazing!

One thought on “1K?!

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