Handwriting vs. Typing – Which One Do You Prefer?

I thought I should make today’s post about handwriting vs. typing. There are many opinions out there and I merely state mine. After you read this post, I would like you to leave me a comment and tell me which one you prefer. I’m curious to see which “team” will win.

First of all, let me start by telling you that I’m still a student – twelfth grade – and that means I still have to handwrite. And a lot, may I add.

Still, I only use it to make notes, whether regarding my novel or blog post’s ideas. Scribbling something down is more efficient for me than opening Notes on my iPhone. Although, when there’s no other option I still use it. You’d be surprised by the places where ideas come to me. And I know there are plenty of people who’d suggest that I should carry a notebook with me. Well, knowing myself, despite being organised and lose few things in my life, the chances are I’d more likely lose it than my phone.

By now, you’ve guessed I play in typing team. I have several reasons, though.

For starters, I don’t have to write again the manuscript of the book in digital format when I want to give it to a publishing house. I have no idea how this goes in other countries, but as a self-publisher, you have to pay pretty much to have it typed. I prefer using that money on something else, like advertising.

That’s not the only motive. I also find it easier to work on the laptop. I can erase something and re-write faster, as well as “Undo” anything that I erased. It gets the work done faster. May I add that after you’ve written for a long period of time you don’t even have to look at the keyboard, so your fastness increases?

It is indeed about quality and not quantity, but when I’m inspired, words flow out of me. My hand couldn’t stand a chance.

In this era of technology, I find it rational to type rather than handwrite; albeit it might only be my opinion.

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