Nature and Humans

Molière is one of the most well-known authors around the world. As any great writer, he had spread many words of wisdom, which helped people overcome certain situations and enlightened them. Not only do I find myself in his sayings, but they have also helped me change my perspective about life.

His statement “The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.” is one of my favourites. Drawing a parallel between life and nature, Molière catches the essence of what it means to live wisely, and not to push yourself too hard only to catch up with the others.

I consider the whole phrase to be a beautiful metaphor for what it needs to be done if one desires to enjoy life and achieve his potential. The tree is used as a symbol for humans – who are also rooted in this life and society, and whose way of thinking cannot change overnight – and it can be easily understood that one’s growth must not be rushed. In my opinion, it is, and has always been, the biggest problem people confront with – whether the community forces the person to grow up or it is his own momentarily wish.

People need time to develop harmoniously and each person is different. By learning gradually and taking his time, one is sure to possess a way better education than the majority. Progress, even though slow, is still progress and it shouldn’t be taken as anything less. Hence, no one ought to be judged by his “slow” growth, but by his “fruit” – namely his actions, his achievement, and his motivations in life.

Furthermore, it has been acknowledged the longer it takes a flower to bloom, the more pleasant is it to look at and the nicer the scent.

Things that come with patience are worth the waiting. Life consists of lots of small steps and since we live only once, there’s no need of rushing towards its end. Maturity is delightful only when you reach it at your pace, not when you’re thrown into it.

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