How to Be Constant

I’ve written an article about why constancy is important in a writer’s life. I decided that it was only fair to come with some solutions for those who might say “It’s not possible.” I was reticent in the beginning myself, so I could understand these types of comments.

  1. Change your mindset

I want to make it clear from the start. If you sit down and write because you think you’re forced to follow a schedule, and you consider the experience of writing only a few paragraphs a waste of time, you’re doing this wrong. You have to start by changing your mindset. Be open to new and don’t brush off this method immediately. Give it a chance and try to make it work. No one forces you to write – it’s just a commitment to yourself.

  1. Make a schedule

Hardly will one manage to write every single day. That’s why I have a proposition for you: make a schedule. Add other two days for writing aside from your current one. When you can handle those as if they’re a piece of cake, add two more. When I say to make a plan, I am thinking about having some sort of calendar where you can check your days. Visualising your goal has a great impact.

  1. Make writing a priority in your agenda

Some of us, because we find pleasure in writing, don’t consider it to be a priority in our day. But if you put it on your agenda, you’ll endeavour to mark it, just as you do with all your other duties. Choose half an hour to write whenever you’d like throughout the day. You have time to read this article, to stay on Facebook, to read the news… I’m sure you can find an open window.

  1. Be passionate!

It would be better to write about something you’re truly passionate about. It will ease the transition. Or you could write about some that you admire. Do you have a favourite show or book? Do you intend to tell me you haven’t died to know how a specific character would act in a situation? You have the power to create that! You should have a much fun doing this.

Don’t beat yourself up if there are days when you slack. It will happen. Then, inhale deeply and remember why you do this. There is a day tomorrow, too. If you are harsh on yourself, it won’t contribute to improving the process or making the experience enjoyable.

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