Tips for Mastering Social Media

My social media skills have never been the best. Once I published my first book and I understood the importance of creating your audience, I tried very hard to improve them. Happily, I succeeded in what I wanted. Still, the struggle was real. The hard part was finding the most reliable approach.

But lucky you, I’m willing to share my discoveries! We writers have to be united, after all. All that I’m about to tell you might seem obvious, but when you find yourself in the actual situation your eyes aren’t open and your view so clear. Everything is a blurry mess, usually.

Without further ado…

  1. Create a schedule

The very first thing you should do is create a schedule. It will help you keep track of your posts, know which days you should be active on a certain platform and help you with time management. The real question is: do you know how to make the schedule? I suggest that you begin by taken a blank paper and write down the platforms you’re using and the week’s days. Mark gradually when you post on a certain platform. Also, try to post at least three times a week on every single platform. You must not post on the same days on all the platforms. It’s comfortable, but a lazy thing.

  1. Posts’ variety

Now that you have a schedule – and you follow it – you need to think what post you’re going to make. I think that unless you have an announcement, you shouldn’t have the exact same post on every account. Again, it’s lazy. You must invest time and creativity. Variety does matter, especially for your readers. But bear in mind that this is your audience, so post think related to your field of work, or subject in which you are very interested. “Silly pictures” as those with “It’s Monday/Friday” are fine, as well as those who have a funny pinch. But it’s all down to your personality in the end. If you’re poetry or novels are dark and morbid, go for something like that.

  1. Stats

Stats are a feature that you have access to on almost any platform that can be used for promoting yourself. You should keep your eyes these because they tell you the most what were the most viewed or liked posts, which hours and days were the best. According to the stats try to adapt your content and schedule. It will not only please your audience but also attract new persons.

  1. Write posts in advance

Life is hard and keeps you busy. I know; it happens to all of us. That’s why, when you have spare time, you should write some posts in advance. Constancy is very important to keep your audience engaged. If you post once a month, people will literally forget who you are. Don’t let them! You can usually schedule posts which help you have something published in case you don’t have time to write in the scheduled date.

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