Do Writers Like Movies?

I’ve observed that the majority of the population tends to believe that writers despise movie. I cannot come with a rational explanation as to how we got in this situation. Although, it comes to my mind that this conclusion had been drawn because writers, who are avid readers, would normally find the movie less pleasant…? (I’m not entirely sure about what I’m talking.)

I can say that books are 99% of the time better, but it doesn’t mean I hate watching movies. I actually indulge going to the cinema once in a while – think about this, I give money! Haha.

I like movies both as a reader and a writer. Not many things can be compared to a really good movie. The reader in me gets caught in the story and it’s amazed by the chemistry among the characters. The writer in me is also present, also whispering in my ear about how creative the person who wrote the script should have been to come up with the idea, or to make the character escape from a certain situation. The writers of movie scripts have all my respect. It’s not an easy job do make a piece of writing which can capture the public.

The problem is not if writers in general like movies. Writers are human beings – who are sleep deprived most of the time – but humans nonetheless. They have different opinions and approaches.

And the quality of the movie – in its whole, so we’re talking about the script, the adaptation, the music – is very important. Some movies which have been made after books are good and I’d surely recommend them (Gone with the wind, Jane Eyre). However, writers are overly-creative. They often like to be let to imagine what happens, that why the prefer books to movies. Still, it doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the work and the movie itself.

I enjoy both, depending on my mood, the persons around me, and the book/movie.

As a reader/writer, do you enjoy movies? What would you choose between a book and a movie, considering both are great?

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