Blogging Opportunity

Hello, guys! How are you?

Today’s post is more like an announcement. Haha. I’ve recently been offered the opportunity to be a contributor to My Trending Stories, which is a lovable newly created website.

I wanted to write this post not only to thank the team for choosing me to be part of this big project but to also let you know what content I will be posting there and what else you could read or see there.

My posts will not be strictly writing-related. I thought about using the site to write about other things I am truly passionate about aside from lecture and writing skills. The articles which will be posted there will most likely never make it to this blog.

The site’s diversity will impress you for sure and also the content. I’ve personally read dozens of amazingly shaped posts. There are many categories as “Voice”, “Entertainment”, “Creative” and so much more. I swear the site has them all. I think it has a great potential!

I started last month and I have some post which might interest you – about motivational speakers and how to overcome the demoralisation caused by the failure.

You can find my page HERE.

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