You’re an Avid Reader If…

Today I thought that we should play a little game. Tell how you like it, would you?

The rules are simple, everyone has to complete the sentence “You’re an avid reader if…”. There will have to be two options for each person. You have to make a general statement and a personal one. That way, we can get to know better and realise we are not alone on this Earth.

I encourage you to read others’ comment and to reply them. The aim of this little game is to have fun and to see how do you see an avid reader if your reading habits are strange at all (you may find that they aren’t)

Normally, I start.

  1. You’re an avid reader if your bookcase is just as big as your closet. (general)
  2. You’re an avid reader if you spent nights on reading rather than sleeping, in a row. (personal)

I don’t think I am the only one regarding the personal one. However, my obsession with reading is taken to extremes. I literally spend two nights and two days reading consecutively in order to finish a series.

I’m looking forward to your replies.

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