Constancy Is Important

Today, I want to talk about a thing which took a while for me to understand. I would like to use school as an excuse since it busies me, but I’m not that type of person. I’d much rather admit I wasn’t trying enough.

I think many persons who strive to make a career out of writing don’t actually have time to write every day. There might be domesticities much more pressing, which cannot suffer any delay. I am also sure that, at the end of the day, those persons would say “Why open my laptop/notebook only to write a few paragraphs? I will make time and write tomorrow a consistent chapter!”. Only that the next day, they are even busier.

I get the fact that one might not be able to write every single day of the week, but let me explain to you what I’ve observed since I started dedicating more time to writing.

  1. My writing has improved overall.

It’s normal that since you practice more, your writing because better; but what surprised me was that by adding only three-four hours of writing a week, in a month at most, my ideas were flowing, my writing was more correct (I wasn’t writing in my mother tongue), and I could write more in one session.

  1. I didn’t need any inspiration

Many writers hide behind a “muse”. I had none since from the very beginning. However, there were moments when I didn’t feel inspired to write, meaning I had no idea what I wanted to happen in the respective chapter. By writing more frequently, I’ve noticed that even though I opened my Microsoft Word without any ideas, after two or three sentences which were “forced”, suddenly, there would be a sparkle in my mind. Then, a grand fire would ignite.

  1. I found time management easier

It took me a while to finally make time to sit down and write. At first, it was hard, both mentally and physically. But after a period, it became easier to handle. It improved my time management skills, and I began to be able to finish my duties in time to write.

  1. I was more satisfied with myself

I want to be a known writer almost as much as I want to breathe. It’s my passion and I love every up and down of this career. The fact that I was able to maintain a schedule of writing made me more confident in my powers and more satisfied. It’s great when you achieve what you aimed for, isn’t’ it?

It’s ok to write a little every day than writing one long chapter and then taking a break for a week. Any piece counts. You don’t have to necessarily concentrate on the project you’re working on. You could as well write a letter, a short-story, try your hand at poetry, an article; the main idea is to write something.

I’ve also heard that some are afraid that, if they write for the sake of writing, all that will come out of their pen/keyboard will be crap. Well, it might! Write crap today, and tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. You cannot write crap every single day! Trust me; you’ll get better at writing less crap and more of an enjoyable story.

To draw a conclusion, I would like to say that consistency is what makes a writer evolve – not the article he reads, the courses he takes or as such. Steadiness is the key to success in any domain, but in this especially. If you won’t write for a very long period of time, you’ll find it hard to dive in again, and it would certainly take you a while to accommodate.

So, as an advice, I can say only one thing: Be constant, no matter what!

I’m curious what your opinion is. Do you agree or not with me?

Don’t be afraid to write crap because crap makes great fertilizer. Jessica Brody

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