Six-Word Stories #2

“You can’t make it!” She quitted.

Let’s talk a little about negative thoughts and their impact on your lives. Lesly Brown says “Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.” I would also like to pinpoint that you are what you think and you can be anything you want imagination and dreaming know no limitation. Those who will teach you otherwise are narrow-minded and don’t want to let you bloom!

There are many persons who will tell you you’re not the right man to do something – whether out of envy or of their limitation. Don’t listen to them! You are an extraordinary person with amazing dreams which can be achieved. You have been gifted certain skills and have a certain role in this life. No one can fulfill the purpose you’re on Earth for.

Unfortunately, nowadays people now how to criticize, but not to offer constructive suggestions. Please, don’t be one of those people. Help without being judgemental. Appreciate one’s work even if it’s not the best of the best. Be compassionate. Be different!

Sadness and anger draw us back. We want to move forward, so we should get rid of such unwanted feelings. If there’s something bothering you, talk about it, create something, try to understand why it disturbs you.

If you read this right now, believe me, you beautiful being, you are unique. You shouldn’t let anyone convince you of the contrary.

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