Loneliness – an Underestimated Problem

Since ancient times, socialisation has been a very important part of human’s life. People live in communities, as it’s in their nature to look for someone to whom they are similar to. The man is fundamentally built to communicate with others and with the need of belonging to a group. However, because of the slightly different characters, there have existed social problems which at some point tested the bonds that have been formed.

A very common problem nowadays is loneliness. Its causes are multiple and well-known by the society. It’s generally underestimated which leads to many complications in the future. Still, the fact that men are more and more aware of its presence is beneficial for human’s evolution.

Unfortunately, its remedies are not as worldwide known as they should be and this particular aspect makes the overcoming actions more difficult.

But first things first, we have to understand that there are two types of loneliness: the one in which somebody decides to isolate himself and another that is imposed to one by the outside – and by that I mean a group or generic, the society.

In the first case, the person is the cause of his own misery. Loneliness is not the solution to a problem, but more of a way to avoid it. At this time, the society puts a lot of pressure on the body image and in many cases, the self-isolation comes as a response to one’s bad opinion of him.

Another common cause of loneliness is the fact that people are afraid. Nobody wants to get rejected. Some people think continuously that if they get too close to someone and they might end up by getting hurt which they try to avoid fervently. This constant pessimism and wish not to take risks forces one to keep it all for himself, to not exteriorize. But there are also causes related to one’s personality. Some of us tend to be introverted. When one doesn’t speak out his mind and he keeps everything inside him, he will be lonely forever.

If humans want to solve this type of problem they have to work with themselves. They have to train their mind and their soul. There is a long road ahead, but each person should enjoy the journey. The process is anything but easy, however, the result will worth the struggle. People are the only ones able to fight with their demons. If one wants to get over loneliness, one has to be brave.

In the second case, when loneliness is imposed by the outside, one is not necessarily guilty. He may have chosen the wrong group. Many times, one doesn’t know how to choose the right place. If he doesn’t fit somewhere, maybe should not be there. Life in itself means change and that shall be experienced by each and every one. On more than one occasion one might meet persons who are mean to him or look down on him without a solid reason. Nobody should wish for such an unhealthy relationship. In these cases, the hopefully short-term loneliness appears more like a blessing.

The solution is very simple – one has to try to find his path. Everybody belongs somewhere; he just has to find the perfect place.

Loneliness may seem easy and harmless at the first glance, but it can lead to diseases such as anxiety and depression. Untreated, it is very dangerous. The most difficult part in this fight is that one has to find the balance between mind and soul.

In conclusion, one should strengthen himself and stay brave if he wants to defeat his loneliness.

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