Six-Word Stories #1

“You are fat.” She committed suicide. 

I feel like it doesn’t need any further explanation, but I want to say (as I find it very sad) that more and more people commit suicide because they have the impression they are ugly, imperfect and can’t reach a certain beauty standard the society has imposed. It’s our duty to stop it! Only by being open-minded and less judgemental, will the society change. We are beautiful in our own way and nobody should even consider ending his life because an outside pressure like this.

It’s not like a flat stomach and thin thighs could guarantee happiness in life.

And let’s make it clear – I swear I do not judge skinny person also. It’s just as wrong. I’ve just given an example, and the most cases of bullying I know are towards persons that are heavier.

We should learn to accept ourselves as we are and as long as we don’t have any medical problems, it’s alright.

I’ve recently discovered this form of expressing oneself which I find very interesting. I thought I should give it a try. Let me know what you think. 

2 thoughts on “Six-Word Stories #1

  1. I described a friend as skinny before. It didn’t occur to me that it was anything but a compliment. How she took it was quite different. She felt it described her as being outside the norm of societies definition of beauty and therefore I was, essentially, calling her ugly or, at the least, unattractive. I’m glad she told me.

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