Greatest Birthday Ever!

Last Monday was my 18th birthday. Yay! If you live in Europe, you probably get why it is a big deal. At 18 years-old one can get his driving license, drink legally into a bar, get a full-time paid job and lots of other cool things (among, you know, discovering the real world which is full of taxes, crap, and foulness).

Some people throw a big party and celebrate all night.

… I’m not one of those persons.

I think it’s totally fine to celebrate how you want, and although I had the possibility to throw a party I decided against it. So let me share with you just what I did!

I called few friends with whom I am comfortable and invited them to eat something. We’ve met and talked a lot, and my lovely friends surprised me by buying a delicious chocolate cake. I ate two big slices (it was so tasty)!

They’ve also made fun of me by putting the candles as 81 and not 18 – as you, I got “old”; we have a strange sense of humour. And they have brought me an absolutely tremendous bouquet of roses. Oh, and one friend bought me a scarf since she knows I am obsessed with them. It is a lovely pattern with pale pink, grey and sparkles.

I’ve told them they are better than any boyfriend I had till now. Bring food and flowers and be funny; that’s the perfect combination!


After our bellies were full and our cheeks hurt from that much laughter, of course, I had to do something spontaneous. One moment we were discussing God knows what and the second moment I’m like “I really do want to see that movie with George Clooney, Money Machine (you should watch it, it’s great). Are you in?”. How could have they refused me? No, seriously; since I was the one paying. Who refuses?

So we had fun and ate popcorn, and laughed some more. Well, I cried a little bit at one sequence in the movie but it doesn’t count.

My point is that this day wasn’t great just thanks to what I did, but because the people I did it with were purely amazing. I hope you have such friends as I have and I highly suggest you to do something that will remain in your mind not as the most sumptuous birthday, but as the happiest celebration.

P.S. Let me know how did you spend your birthday this year or how you plan on spending it. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Greatest Birthday Ever!

  1. Wow … 18. Good to celebrate with your lovely friends. All the very best.

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  2. Congratulations on being 18!! You will have lots of fun 😉

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