Connection (a Prompt-Based Short Story)

Okay, so I’ve seen this prompt and I have thought immediately it would fit two of my characters – namely Robbie Walker and Spencer White – from my debut novel (literally Destiny, show me what you can do!) and although it hasn’t been published in English, I’m sure you will like this short story.

I’ve never written a short story using my own characters so it will be a new and fun experience for me. Please, enjoy the journey!

Prompt: eye contact

Warnings: You may want to know that this scene, even though has never appeared in the book, could have happened. There won’t be any spoilers (I hope to have my book translated at some point in the future). Also, the book is written in the 1st perspective, but this short story is written in the 3rd one.

Please, do not take this story and post it somewhere else as your own. It’s not fair and it’s not nice. Plagiarism has never been looked up to.


The sun shines brightly. However, Spencer’s life is still deep into the darkness. Despair has caught up with her and it isn’t a surprise. After all, her beloved has no clue about who she is. It can’t be easy living like that, can it?

She is strong and tries her best to make him remember their love even through the most pathetic methods. She can’t help it; she would try anything. It doesn’t happen often to experience a love like they have. True love must conquer all in the end. That’s what she had learnt from reading so many books.

Hopefully, it wasn’t all in vain – because she also learnt that one must fight with his destiny in order to reach his dream. If she were anything, she was a fighter!

Love may come easy, but it is hard to keep. She knows it.

What should I try next? She questions herself while waiting patiently for the teacher to come.

As if college isn’t an energy drainer alone, she has these love problems which are sure to scatter her mind and heart.

It would be so simple to give up…

The door opens, but Spencer doesn’t lift her eyes. She’s too busy studying the blank page of her notebook, hoping it would somehow magically give her all the answers she needs. Chewing on her bottom lip, she writes Spencer White is not a quitter and He would do the same. Oh, yes! This last sentence helped her keep her sanity.

Suddenly, she feels a strange thrill going down her spine. She turns her head and sees him observing her. Her lips part in amazement. It was the last thing she was expecting – they don’t take the same classes.

Their eyes lock and time freezes. Not literally, but for them as they become unaware of the surroundings. She has the impression that he can see in her soul and know all of her concerns. Spencer has been an open book for him. His dark eyes burn her skin. She exhales softly. There’s electricity between them.

Robbie is, even though he doesn’t show it, just as affected as her. He can feel the intense atmosphere. There’s a strange and strong sensation that he knows her, but he can’t tell from where. It’s impossible to put his finger on it.

Robbie doesn’t appreciate being confused – what was he doing here, anyway? -, and most certainly does not like the way Spencer makes him feel. Men don’t have butterflies in their stomachs and their hands don’t sweat when they see a woman. For sure they don’t recognise the sparkle of love in a person who isn’t their lover. But why does his heart beat faster when she’s around? And why is he self-conscious in those moments? He thanks God that she seems unable to realise it.

The teacher enters the room in a rush, and Robbie curses under his breath because Spencer breaks the eye contact. It bothers him and the connection, the sense that there is some unfinished business between them is so real. Passing his palms through his dark as night hair, he sighs ever so silently. He hates feeling helpless and that’s how she makes him feel.

The line that was drawn between them was fading now. Robbie doesn’t want to lose the familiar feeling. Spencer is like an anchor to his past life. He wouldn’t admit it out loud, however. He is too proud for it.

He studies her, taking in her appearance, burning a hole in her head as he flatly stares – which is kind of rude, but he is not the one to care – while he contemplates the idea of getting up and leaving. It does not sound too bad…

The noise the chair is making when he actually gets up brings him unwanted attention, except for hers. Spencer watches him with wide eyes filled with love and comprehension. She wouldn’t mind if he walked away, of that much he is sure. Their continuous eye contact makes others uncomfortable as the silence expands.

Spencer gives him a warming smile.

He smiles back and sits down.

No one can understand but them. No one will ever know the power of a single, but meaningful eye contact.

Maybe there’s still hope. She thinks. I am sure the connection between us is meant to resist even destiny’s obstacles.

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