Taking Risks – Men vs. Women

Most people think that men take more risks than women. I think it is highly debatable. We shouldn’t generalise. Taking risks isn’t about one’s genre – at least, not in my opinion. Being either a man or a woman has no relevance. When it comes down to risks, it all depends on the situation. Even more, it is about the character, the mentality and the life that one is living.

A question that must be asked is: about what risks are we talking? There are plenty of them – in love, in a business, in a family, regarding an important decision … and the list could easily go on.

On the one hand, it is generally known that men tend to take more risks in business. Everybody puts it on their bravery. Nonetheless, sometimes it isn’t about the courage. I do believe it is about being practical and having an analytical mind. When one knows how to put in a balance the matters, he had nothing to worry about. Still, it might be caused by the irresponsibility – and I do not refer to men specifically.

Yet, we have to face the truth. Even in the 21st century, the society tends to privilege men. Sometimes, it consists of being taken seriously more often than the opposite genre. Although I have to say it, having self-confidence, a severe posture, and a strong handshake might help them a little, too.That might be an explanation for their reaction when it comes to risks. There are fewer chances to be cheated on.

On the other hand, there are many entrepreneur women out in the world that take risks every day. I think that a woman who has influence and is in a powerful position knows how hard it is to get acknowledged in a world that is still ruled by men – that is why she might be more calculated and prudent when it comes to taking risks. However, this doesn’t make women any less professional or capable.

I really can’t pick one side. I try to be neuter and don’t choose women just because I am part of the category. Being so immature would do no justice to those of my kind. Men and women both take risks, but there are so many variables. There are cases when one’s occupation forces him to take risks every minute or, on the contrary, he may have a very calm and inoffensive life.

Let’s not forget about the people who like to see where the life drives them and in consequence, they take lots of risks. Every time.

It must be mentioned that we take risks one way or another, aware or not. Even not taking a risk is a risk also. By choosing not to assume a risk, one makes a decision. And decisions have unexpected results most of the time.

All in all, both men and women take risks constantly. Making a decision isn’t about the genre. One couldn’t choose a team without being a hypocrite. The more important for you is a thing, the bigger the risk concerning it seems.


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