How Did I Start Writing?

I’ve been asked this question a lot, even in my short career. I guess some would expect a fancy answer, a traumatic or exhilarating experience. Somebody demanded to know if I had any idea that I would become a writer.

The response is not surrounded by mystery, even though, I must admit, it would have been funny.

To be honest

To say I write for as long as I can remember would be a lie. The same goes for the “since I’ve been able to hold a pen in my hand”. I do remember, however, that when I was 7 I used to write letters to my family members (with the purpose of impressing them) at special occasions – such as anniversaries, holy days, birthdays etc. I sincerely have no idea if I am the only one doing this.

As I grew up, I started writing fan fiction (yes, you read it right!). It was based on the anime and manga Naruto which I loved dearly. Not only did I consider the story interesting, but also the interaction between the characters. My writing was crap, to say at least; I was only 10 so I guess it’s acceptable, somehow. I may say that was the moment my writing need entered the scene. I found it so amazing to create stories with characters I love, to put them in certain situations – and to make them have hilarious dialogues.

A failed attempt

I was in the 7th grade when I had my first attempt to write a real novel. It was the winter break and outside was very cold. I was reading lots of Sci-Fi and Fantasy at the time. Indeed, the genre of the book I tried to write had been Fantasy. I managed to create the prologue and 3 chapters. After two weeks, I cannot say I lost my interest, but I considered it overwhelming. Till then, I had never realised how hard and exhausting it could be to write a novel. The fact that my project was anything but short or simple “helped” a lot. At the moment, I didn’t think for a second I could ever be a writer.

I was rather pretty sure that I would have to remain at writing fan fiction all my life – because, you see, I wasn’t able to complete a novel, but I had the urge to write. The ideas were there, bugging me.

This experience left me with a bitter taste. I was disappointed that I couldn’t make it. But it only made me more ambitious. I told myself that one day, no matter the age, I will be able to write at least a novella, with my original idea and my own characters.

Unexpected event

Who would have guessed it would happen so fast? Nearly two years later, I started working on my debut novel. I was in the first year of high school and I used the time to read very much. Still, I had plenty of spare time (I am really good at time management). One day, in March I think, I woke up with this idea in my head that consisted of the girl being the strong one, being able to fight her apparent destiny. I sit at the computer and started to write and the words were flowing. Taking a paper I noted as many ideas as I had regarding the subject. I wrote a day, two, three… eventually, I told myself “I will make a book out of all these”. You already know, if you don’t, you find out now, that I finished it and I even published it (Ad-litteram: “Destiny, show me what you can do”, Romanian).

So… my debut novel had a spontaneous beginning. The idea just popped up in my head and I couldn’t get rid of it until I started writing. It was like a story was inside me and it forced its way out.

In a nutshell

But, and I must emphasise it, how did I start writing? By sitting at a computer and letting myself explore the boundaries of my imagination. It was a long processed that developed in a few years. It has been neither easy nor good, to begin with. My debut book made me realise that I would love to have a career in the domain – because, after it, I continued to write. My second novel assured me that I could do this, that it isn’t just a phase.

To make a parallel, I would say that I write as I swim. In the beginning, I let just a few fingers enter the water, then, in a moment of courage and craziness I jump in the depths of the sea.

3 thoughts on “How Did I Start Writing?

  1. This is hugely inspirational. Did you finish your novel? If so that’s amazing!! I could never write fan fiction I felt a little too constricted and possibly awkward haha, but I really respect the fan fiction writing community. Fantastic post, I can’t wait to read more of your blog!


    • Thank you for being so nice and leaving a comment. Unfortunately, I’ve not finished my very first novel because I didn’t feel like it anymore. The fact that I’ve grown up and changed my readings influenced me. But I am not sad at all; The idea is still there, waiting for me shall the right time and mood come. Until then, I concentrate on other projects.

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      • I had the identical problem when writing mine. I guess when I’m young I’m changing as a writer so quickly that maintaining a long project is almost impressive. I’m not sad either though I learnt a lot from the experience. Maybe I needed to plan more, like you I dived straight into it. Anyway, I wish you all the best is new projects!


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